Payment by Link and Invoice

Automate your invoice generation and let your customers pay using a unique payment link. DECTA’s Payment by Link and Invoice offers a very simple and convenient way to create and send customized emails to your customers with an integrated PAY NOW button. This service automatically generates an invoice and lets customers pay instantly by their credit or debit cards.

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Offer an easy and fast payment method

With automated invoice generation, the payment process has never been easier. The email with an invoice link is directly sent to your customer’s inbox. When clicking to the PAY NOW button, a secure payment page opens and the customer can quickly make a card payment online.

Generate customised e-mails with a unique payment links

DECTA’s service allows merchants and service providers to easily generate customized emails and send unique payment links with invoices to their customers worldwide.

This functionality supports transactions with VISA, MasterCard and Maestro credit and debit cards as well as accepts payments in different currencies.

Key benefits

Send payment links and invoices internationally
Reduce time and resources spent on invoice generation and e-mail reminders about delayed payments
Offer seamless checkout experience and freedom to pay anytime and anywhere
Accept instant payments and generate revenue in seconds
Keep track of payment transactions with an online reporting tool and transform actionable insights into growing revenue
Perfectly suited for any business – e-commerce, hotel booking and travel, car rental, event planning etc.

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