• EMI licensed by
    the FCA (UK)

  • Principal Member of master-card-logo & visa-logo

  • Information security
    management systems

    Information security management systems
  • Quality management

    Quality management systems
  • Certified 3rd party technical payment
    processor in the EEA and APAC

  • pci-logo Level 1

  • Audited by
    the Big Four

DECTA Offices

Streamline the world’s transition

to cashless payments

Remove the barriers for businesses to 

evolve in the modern digital economy


Provide a full range of digital payment solutions to ensure a strong foundation for your business growth

Cater to companies across a variety of industries, at any stage of their business lifecycle

Facilitate fair competition in the financial sector by offering quick and easy onboarding and flexible service packages

How we operate

We own every part of the technology perimeter involved in delivering our services. Thus, we are able to guarantee control over the entire payment workflow. This offers our customers a number of important advantages:  

Broad Expertise
Broad Expertise

DECTA possesses the know-how and the capacity to deploy every step in the payment chain.

Broad Expertise
Power & Agility

We have enough power to tackle projects of grand scale and complexity. Yet, at the same time, we remain agile and flexible in our approaches.

Broad Expertise
Latest technology & Security

We draw particular attention to adopting the most relevant and secure technologies. Additionally, every effort is made to ensure we work with verified, trustworthy partners.

Broad Expertise
Versatile Service Offering

We are able to find a solution to match the needs of any business and make the necessary adjustments at any stage.

Broad Expertise
Transparency & Flexible Pricing

Working with our clients’ best interests in mind, we are determined to optimize our pricing model and avoid hidden costs.


  • Persistence

    Where others see a challenge, we see an opportunity

  • Dignity

    We value trustworthy customer relationships over profits

  • Fostering innovation

    Every opinion matters because great ideas may come from anyone

  • Strength is in the team

    The best results are achieved through collaboration

  • Being a reliable partner

    Long-term partnerships are essential for sustainable growth

  • Spark inspiration

    We are ready to take the lead and stand by our claims