3D Secure

Payment Authentication Solutions for Acquiring and Issuing Banks


EMV 3D Secure (3DS2) is an industry standard cardholder authentication protocol developed to protect online payment data and simplify consumer payment experience. The protocol is promoted by major global card networks and mandated by financial authorities for merchants and financial institutions operating in the EEA and the UK.

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DECTA Secure

DECTA Secure is a payment authentication solution built to specification of the latest version of 3D Secure protocol (v.2.2). The service provides secure customer authentication across both acquiring and issuing workflows, and offers the following key advantages:

  • Online fraud prevention
  • Secure cardholder identity authentication across various platforms and devices
  • Compliance with: PSD2/SCA regulation, Mastercard and Visa network requirements
  • Industry-leading authentication methods, including out-of-band authentication and biometrics
  • Frictionless card-not-present (CNP) payments

3D Secure for Issuer Banks

EMV 3D Secure provides issuers with both a legal and technological framework to comply with the latest PSD2/SCA regulations, improve online card payment security, and facilitate frictionless payments for cardholders.

Main benefits include:

  • In-depth control over cardholder authentication flow
  • SCA exemption support
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Enhanced mobile experience

DECTA Secure for Issuers

We offer a standalone, PCI DSS certified authentication solution developed to integrate EMV 3DS into your authentication chain. 

The service builds on a combination of dedicated modules and APIs to enable the entire cardholder identity validation cycle:

  • Secure ACS infrastructure
  • OIDC authentication API for external authentication
  • Scoring API
  • Enrollment API
  • Rebrandable customer-facing mobile authentication app with OOB and biometric authentication support

Integration scenarios

Depending on your system requirements and business model, we offer four integration scenarios that let you integrate the service either as a complete package, or as individual building blocks.


1. Full issuing and payment authorization solution

  • Complete card issuing service package with 3D Secure support
  • One service provider, single API integration point (DECTA API)
  • You don’t need to have PCI DSS certification


2. 3D Secure authentication app with Enrollment API support

  • Suitable for issuers using in-house or 3rd party scoring API and card management systems
  • No additional integration with other 3rd party providers is required
  • You don’t need to have PCI DSS certification
  • The client integrates their own scoring system with the DECTA ACS module via Enrollment API

Integration scenarions

3. 3D Secure authentication app without Enrollment API

  • Recommended for issuers with no scoring system of their own
  • Fraud prevention rules are managed by DECTA based on the payment industry’s best practices
  • Quick and simple implementation with a single integration point (DECTA API)
  • You don’t need to have PCI DSS certification


4. ACS services for existing authentication solutions

  • Applies to issuers with a complete authentication solution of their own, looking to integrate with a certified ACS service provider
  • PCI DSS certification is mandatory for this option

3D Secure for Acquirer Banks

EMV 3D Secure establishes a clear roadmap for acquiring banks to handle modern payment security challenges while also improving service quality.

  • Protect merchants and cardholders from the latest forms of online fraud
  • Make use of the SCA exemption mechanism to reduce payment friction
  • Simplify cardholder payment experience and drive authorization rates

DECTA Secure for acquirers

DECTA Secure is a platform-agnostic solution that enables acquirers to introduce a layer of secure customer authentication using our dedicated MPI service. It is built to specification of the latest version of EMV 3D Secure to ensure transaction security and PSD2/SCA requirement compliance.

Equip your acquiring business for security and growth via a single integration point:

  • Protect merchants and consumers from the growing levels of online fraud
  • Access the essential security infrastructure and ensure full payment validation chain
  • Maintain your growth trajectory without being held back by compliance and compatibility issues
  • Meet consumer needs by providing a frictionless payment flow on any device
  • Adapt quickly to emerging business models, new regulatory requirements and rapid market changes
  • Remove obstacles to scale your business to new markets with a globally accepted security protocol built into your operations from the start