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Top tier technology platform for banks and financial institutions running Mastercard/Visa Acquiring and Issuing programmes

SLA: 99.99% uptime

High-availability payments infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted operation of your services 24/7/365

Acquiring API

Convenient data and account management, automated round-the-clock onboarding, business-friendly API documentation portal

Unlimited customization

Ready to go beyond the standard solution? Let us adjust the service to your specifications in a matter of weeks

Faster service launch

Skip unnecessary bureaucracy and delays. Fast track market entry starting from just 2 months

SLA: 99.99% uptime

High-availability payments infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted operation of your services 24/7/365

Issuing API

Automate and control every key step in the card issuing workflow, explore our business-friendly API documentation portal for insights and how-to’s

Standalone 3DS solution

Complete 3D Secure payment authentication tool with customer-facing OOB and biometric authentication app

Card tokenization

PCI DSS compliant EMV payment tokenization to enable a variety of modern secure payment use cases from any payment-enabled device

Customer certainty as a way to profits

Secure omnichannel processing

DECTA Processing services for Acquirers give you a carte-blanche to accept and process every type of transaction

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Security, connectivity, control

In step with anti-fraud innovation

DECTA Processing services for Issuers include 3D-Secure payment authentication with OOB and biometrics to ensure an industry-leading security level

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Solution spotlight

3D Secure payment authentication

DECTA Acquirer Processing services provide full implementation of the latest 3DS v2.2 protocol and compliance with the PSD2/SCA requirements.

  • Mitigate fraud risk and add an extra layer of cardholder payment protection
  • Apply SCA exemptions to improve payment acceptance, cardholder experience and reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Enable merchants to set SCA threshold on low-risk transactions to minimize customer friction and drive conversions

One-Stop issuer processing solution

DECTA provides complete issuer processing services, from easy integration with any card management system to card manufacturing and delivery to cardholders.

  • In-house fraud and risk management
  • Standalone 3DS solution including secure ACS infrastructure and an authentication app with OOB and biometrics (available from AppStore and Google Play)
  • Regular and on-demand reporting

Tokenized payments

DECTA tokenization services for Acquirers enable you to process tokenized payments from a variety of eWallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay and more.

A modern must-have for both merchants and cardholders, tokenization ensures secure and convenient Acquirer processing flow in-store and online.

Point of sale:
  • Contactless (NFC) payments using EMV cards, wearable payment devices, and popular mobile wallets
  • PCI DSS compliant customer data protection through processing of tokenized cardholder information
  • Click-to-pay (Secure Remote Commerce) implementation

Card tokenization

DECTA Issuer tokenization services provide a flexible EMV payment tokenization for a variety of modern payment use cases  from any payment-enabled device.

PCI DSS compliant and certified by the world’s leading tokenization platforms (Mastercard MDES, Visa VTS), DECTA card tokenization services offer a safe way to the top of digital wallet.

  • Protect sensitive cardholder data by replacing it with a secure payment token
  • Enable safe and convenient payments both in-store and online: contactless (NFC) payments, eCommerce and in-app purchases
  • Token provisioning flow allowing cardholders to add your card to your existing partner eWallets: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay and other digital wallets

DECTA acquiring API

DECTA API for acquirers offers a simple means to create and configure elements of your payment acceptance infrastructure. It provides a straightforward way to tailor the DECTA acquirer processing services to your unique business and operational goals.

  • Automated 24/7 onboarding
  • Effective and transparent management of merchant and terminal IDs, legal entities, and rate plans
  • Legal entity management

Issuing API

DECTA Card Issuing API provides an easy-to-use platform for card lifecycle management and payment card processing.

Handle your Card Issuing programs with outstanding freedom, transparency and control. Access all the essential tools for payment card management within a single Issuing API integration.

  • Order, activate and block cards
  • Manage card information
  • Administrate card authorization and transactions
  • Transfer funds
  • Control spending limits
  • View card balance
  • Card tokenization
  • Assign and remind PIN
  • PIN counter
  • Detailed reporting

We have made it with an original design and an emphasis on transaction security and customer data protection

Alexander Peshkov,

Co-owner and Chairman of the Board at Bilderlings

Novatti has been methodically building this new Visa issuing business as part of its strategic plan to become a banking services provider. Partnering with DECTA, a trusted, innovative technology-driven processor, enables Novatti to launch this exciting new business and provide flexible and secure new products to consumers, particularly when there is an increased need during the COVID-19 crisis

Peter Cook,

Managing Director at Novatti

We would like to take this opportunity to thank DECTA team for your intensive work during the implementation process. We valued clear implementation timelines, rational and supportive attitude a lot. The solution enabled CENTIZU to deliver great results - at this point in time, there are more than 25 000 cards in circulation, and more to come. We believe that we will be able to run many interesting programs together, not only in Czech Republic

David Tacl,

CEO at Prepaid Solutions

How to get started?


Sign up and set the requirements

  • Register your interest: get in touch with us, either directly or by filling the application form. Let us know the basic details of your business and the type of solution you are looking to adopt.
  • NOTE: This product is only available to Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay International Principal or Affiliate Members

Proposal and agreement

Your provided information will help us outline a technical solution, plan implementation steps, and estimate an implementation timeline. We will get back to you with an offer tailored to match your specific business requirements. Once the offer is accepted, we can continue with negotiating and signing the agreement.


Implementation and integration

  • Depending on your preferred service package, the DECTA project implementation team will proceed with filling-in all the necessary forms, solution configuration and integrations.
  • * All of DECTA project managers are internationally certified, have 5+ years experience in the Payments Industry, and are driven to deliver every project with exceptional quality and within the best possible time frame.


As soon as the solution is implemented, tested and approved, it is ready for production Go-live.

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Multiple payment types for acquirers

3D Secure authentication for issuers

To be the go-to Acquirer in your segment it is essential that you provide businesses and consumers with the most convenient ways to transact. DECTA Acquirer Processing offering enables a wide range of payment types helping Acquirer Banks and Fintechs to diversify and boost their merchant acquiring services.

Launched as an essential part of our Issuer Processing services, the DECTA 3D Secure payment authentication solution presents a comprehensive payment authentication toolset for Issuer Banks.

Multiple payment types

Stay up to date with the changes in market demand, and equip your acquiring solutions for a variety of payment scenarios. 

Add value to your payment chain by enabling your existing and new customers with the types of payments suited for their specific business models.

  • Mastercard MoneySend & Visa OCT
  • MOTO
  • Recurring billing
  • One-click payments
  • Pay-by-link
  • Refunds & Reversals
  • Dynamic Descriptor
  • Airline Addendum

Features at glance

  • Proprietary multi-factor payment authentication mobile app with rebrandable customer-facing GUI
  • Out-of-band authentication flow with biometric authentication support
  • Powerful modules and APIs for a payment authentication solution fully tailored to your business requirements
  • Full compliance with the latest PSD2/SCA regulations and Payment Scheme requirements

Tailored payment authentication

DECTA 3D Secure authentication solution for Issuers is designed to support any type of licensed payments business at any level of resource availability.

The service comprises a set of powerful modules and APIs:

  • Secure ACS server with a customized OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication plugin
  • External authentication server
  • OIDC authentication API
  • Scoring API
  • Enrollment API
  • Rebrandable customer-facing mobile authentication app

Any type of transaction

Are you launching a new payment method? Looking to optimize your current payment processing flow? DECTA Acquirer Processing services offer all the tools necessary to process any type of transaction supported by the major payment networks.

Quickly. Securely. Reliably.

DECTA is a fully certified international payment card processor for Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay International, certified Third Party Processor, holder of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. In combination with the most up-to-date payment infrastructure and our broad PayTech expertise, this ensures:

  • Fail-proof transaction processing for in-store POS and eCommerce merchants
  • 99.99% service uptime
  • Secure operation at each step of the acquiring processing cycle

Cater to any industry

Use your unique Acquirer expertise to anticipate various customer interactions within your market segment. Adopt a combination of payment types and payment scenarios to tailor your acquiring services to your existing clients, as well as enjoy the freedom to onboard new business across multiple industries:

  • Fintech
  • PSPs
  • Travel
  • Mobility
  • Delivery
  • eCommerce
  • Marketplace
  • eWallets
  • and more

Promoting security and compliance

Online fraud is growing both in volume and level of sophistication. This poses a continuing challenge for the Payments Industry to develop new, more effective fraud prevention solutions. The response is a number of regulatory norms passed internationally in an attempt to standardize and administer online payment security. An example of such regulation in the EU/UK is PSD2 with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements.

DECTA 3D Secure payment authentication solution helps Issuers to take control of both security and compliance. 

  • OOB and biometric authentication to effectively prevent the latest types of online fraud
  • Full compliance with:
    • International online payment security regulations
    • EMVCo 3DS protocol and 3DS-related ICO requirements
    • Security specifications of Payment Schemes

4 types of implementation

The four types of implementation offer different combinations of the core modules and APIs to match a variety of business scenarios:

1 Full Issuing and payment authorization solution
  • Complete card Issuing service package with 3D Secure;
  • One service provider, single API integration point (DECTA API);
  • You are not required to have PCI DSS certification
2 3D Secure authentication app with Enrollment API support
  • Suitable for Issuers using other in-house or 3rd party scoring API and card management systems;
  • No need for additional integration with another 3rd party provider;
  • You are not required to have PCI DSS certification;
3 3D Secure authentication app without Enrollment API
  • Recommended for Issuers with no scoring system of their own
  • Fraud prevention rules based on Payment Industry best practices;
  • Quick and simple implementation with a single integration point (DECTA API)
4 ACS services for existing authentication solutions
  • Applies to Issuers with a complete authentication solution, looking to integrate with a certified ACS service provider
  • You are required to be PCI DSS certified


  • Launching a new payment processing solution with DECTA follows four major steps: 1. You sign up and submit your requirements; 2. DECTA develops an implementation plan, and prepares the service agreement; 3. DECTA delivers the necessary integration and set-up, including related paperwork; 4. Your solution is ready for production Go-live.

  • The price is a total of the initial set-up and a recurring monthly maintenance fee.

    * The set-up cost is calculated individually for each project, and depends on your business requirements and the scope of technical work involved.

  • Yes. We provide our customers a quarterly free-of-charge business report.

  • DECTA 3rd Party Payment Processing is a fully hosted, Cloud-based solution.

    • Major payment schemes: Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay International
    • Most conventional digital wallets: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, etc.
    • Open banking solutions: Zimpler, Volt
  • 99.99% uptime.

  • Yes. Complete Acquiring and Issuing implementation is available via DECTA open API. 


    *Please visit our documentation portal at for full information.

  • All the processed data is stored internally on DECTA SFTP server.

  • DECTA Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay International certified TPP services are available in the EEA and APAC regions.

  • Yes. You need to be a licensed financial institution and a member of Mastercard, Visa, or UnionPay International in order to use the DECTA TPP services.

  • This depends on the terms and conditions of a payment network. For example, Mastercard allows 15, and Visa allows 35 chargebacks per card.

  • EUR, GBP, USD and 50+ other international currencies.

  • Yes. DECTA TPP services support a variety of payment channels, including eCommerce, in-store POS, soft POS/mPOS, and vending machines.


  • DECTA TPP services are fully compliant with the latest 3DS v2 protocol. Furthermore, we have our own 3DS payment authentication solution with out-of-band and biometric authentication.