Issuer Processing - Technology Platform for Banks and Financial Institutions

Issuer Processing

Top tier issuer processing platform for banks and financial institutions running Mastercard/Visa Acquiring and Issuing programmes

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SLA: 99.99% uptime

High-availability payments infrastructure ensures uninterrupted operation of your services 24/7/365

Issuing API

Automate and control every step in the card issuing workflow, explore our friendly API portal for insights and how-to guides

Standalone 3DS solution

Complete 3D Secure payment authentication tool with customer-facing OOB and biometric authentication app

Card tokenization

PCI DSS compliant EMV payment tokenization to enable innovative services and use cases on any payment-enabled device

In step with anti-fraud innovation

DECTA Processing services for Issuers include 3D-Secure payment authentication with OOB and biometrics to ensure an industry-leading security level

Services for Issuers

Complete issuer processing services, from easy integration with any card management system to card manufacturing and delivery to cardholders.

  • In-house fraud and risk management
  • Standalone 3DS solution including secure ACS infrastructure and an authentication app with OOB and biometrics (available from AppStore and Google Play)
  • Regular and on-demand reporting

Card tokenization

Flexible EMV tokenization enables new payment services and modern use cases on any payment-enabled device.

PCI DSS compliant and certified by the world’s leading tokenization platforms (Mastercard MDES, Visa VTS), our card tokenization services mean digital wallet transaction are always safe and secure.

  • Protect sensitive cardholder data by replacing it with a secure payment token
  • Enable secure and convenient payments in-store and online: contactless (NFC) payments, eCommerce and in-app purchases
  • Token provisioning flow allows cardholders to add your card to partner eWallets: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay and other digital wallets

Issuing API

An easy-to use issuing API for card lifecycle management and payment card processing.

Achieve transparency and control for your card issuing programs with the DECTA Card Issuing API.

Access all the essential tools for payment card management within a single Issuing API integration.

  • Order, activate and block cards
  • Manage card information
  • Administrate card authorization and transactions
  • Transfer funds
  • Control spending limits
  • View card balance

How to get started?


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  • Get in touch with us, either directly or by completing our application form. Tell us a little about your business and the solution you’re looking for.
  • NOTE: This product is only available to Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay International Principal or Affiliate Members

Proposal and agreement

  • From your information, we will propose a technical solution, plan implementation steps, and estimate a timeline for you.

Implementation and integration

  • Our implementation team will complete all the necessary forms, solution configuration and integrations.
  • *All DECTA project managers are internationally certified, have 5+ years’ experience in the Payments Industry, and will deliver every project with exceptional quality and within the best possible time frame.


  • As soon as the solution is implemented, tested and approved, you are ready for launch.
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