Case Study: Emerald Extends Service Range with Card Issuing

Emerald Financial Group Ltd is a UK-based electronic money institution. Its mission is to provide a robust digital alternative to conventional banking for individuals, businesses, and online merchants. Emerald specializes in card payments, online payment solutions, payment card issuing, acquiring, and issuing services.

September 09, 2021

As a FinTech startup, Emerald approached DECTA  looking to extend their service package with card issuing solutions. 


As the UK authorized electronic money institution, Emerald was entitled to process payments and distribute self-branded payment cards to customers. However, they had neither legal nor technological capacity to assure the full card issuing life-cycle. 

Thus, they sought a partnership with DECTA to enable White label card issuing services, with a special focus on the Payroll card program.

Our Solution

As a Principal Member of Mastercard, DECTA was eligible to provide a full card issuing solution under our BIN sponsorship program. This allowed Emerald to offer their customers a full range of card services, including: 

  • Card issuing
  • Card personalization
  • Delivery to cardholders
  • Processing
  • Settlement and clearing with Mastercard
  • Notifications
  • Fraud and dispute management


What we did: highlights

Within the scope of the project DECTA managed to facilitate card manufacturing with Emerald bespoke card design, provide support on API integration, set up internal systems to establish card issuing and supply chain for the Emerald card program. 

The API integration allows Emerald cardholders access to the main card management functionalities in real-time:

  • Card ordering
  • Changing card status
  • Obtaining card and client data
  • Updating client data
  • Access to authorization and transaction data
  • Card top-ups
  • Card balance


​Meeting the Objectives

As a result, Emerald was able to update its service offering with the following payment card solutions.

Payment Cards

With the help of DECTA, Emerald has launched their self-branded payment card program. Their clients now have access to the following services:

  • Contactless Mastercard payment cards with worldwide acceptance
  • Cash withdrawals locally and abroad
  • Free and secure purchases
  • Virtual card for shopping online safely


Payroll Cards

Emerald launched a Payroll card program designed for their corporate clients to make direct and immediate payments to their employees and partners.

The main advantages of the solution provided by DECTA include:

  • Reduced payroll costs
  • No paychecks
  • No delays
  • No redundant paperwork
  • Minimized risk of error
  • Uninterrupted payments with no added cost, including for hourly and non-banked employees
Being able to offer card solutions to our customers added a new level of credibility to our financial services. Solid execution and great attention to detail. Excellent work by the DECTA team!
Tatjana Zagradska , Head of Customer Service Department at Emerald
From the start, Emerald had a very particular vision of where they wanted to take this project. Their detailed approach was a great contribution to implementing the solution at its best version
Santa Kirsbauma , Board Member, Product Offering at DECTA