In-House Payment Processing

In the modern world of buying and selling, it is vital to offer customers the ability to purchase online. Indeed, many businesses only exist online — tapping into a growth market that saw 87% of UK households make online purchases in 2020. Effective online payment processing forms the basis of every eCommerce business — it is the foundational building block on which its financial success is built. Simply put, the ability to make and receive online payments is now considered an essential part of doing business.

September 22, 2020

Choosing the best payment service provider (PSP)

Having an online business has many benefits, but you need to ensure that you have partnered with the best eCommerce payment processing solutions available. Your PSP needs to be one that can cater to your current business needs, as well as keep pace with your business as your market share grows. 

It is sensible to prioritise a payment service provider that offers scalable in-house online payment processing solutions. Services of this type can be integrated quickly and efficiently for businesses of all sizes. An example of such a system is DECTA Payment Gateway – once it is in place, your business can scale effectively without worrying that its payment processing options might be compromised.

When you work with a PSP partner that provides an in-house card payment processing center, you are able to offer your customers secure and straightforward transactions via recognizable payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Apple Pay, and many more. As a merchant, you want to provide the best online payment processing for eCommerce transactions. The more payment methods and currency options you have available, the more diverse your customer base will become.

Things to consider when choosing a payment service provider:

Check their SLA — look for an SLA uptime of 99% or higher, as this represents enhanced usability and evidence of continuity in the support provided to merchants. 

Check which payment types and payment methods are offered — the more potential payment routes a customer can use, the higher a business’s conversion rate will be.

Make sure their onboarding and integration procedures align with your business goals and projected implementation time frame.

PSP with an in-house processing center: benefits for merchants

As a merchant, being able to manage your card payments in-house via a convenient user dashboard can offer several benefits. Many of these relate to flexibility and security. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy by partnering with PSP with an in-house online payment processing centre:

Timely transaction processing

Minimising delays in the conclusion of sales and the dispatching of products is essential. Instant online payment processing tools speed up the sales process for merchants, improving cash flow and boosting customer satisfaction.

Access to payment data

Another benefit of a comprehensive in-house payment processing solution is direct access to detailed reporting and analytics through dedicated dashboards without needing a separate banking system. 

The types of data that can be accessed include:

  • Sales;
  • Returns;
  • Card transactions;
  • Various invoicing options.


Enhanced security

Online fraud is a major concern for many merchants, and rightly so. A distinctive feature of PSPs with in-house payment processing solutions is a particular focus on security and data protection. All the payment data is stored and processed by the same company, reducing the risks of unwanted exposure to any 3rd parties. The transaction security is further enhanced by 3D Secure protocol implementation and fraud management tools.

Ongoing support

PSPs that offer in-house payment processing solutions typically also provide merchants with on-going technical support. This allows you to bypass any 3rd party support centers. Instead, you can go straight to your PSP, who is much more likely to understand your specific merchant payment processing requirements. 

Flexible payment solutions

By its very nature, eCommerce payments are meant to be simpler and quicker than many other types of transactions. Merchants who work with PSPs offering in-house payment processing capacity have the ability to add a wider range of trusted payment methods (online services that enable the payment), including:

  • Mastercard;
  • Visa;
  • PayPal;
  • Apple Pay;
  • Open banking solutions (e.g, Volt, Zimpler);
  • And many more.


Payment types are equally important, as they allow your buyers to transact using different systems and devices. These include:

  • MOTO;
  • Recurring billing;
  • One-click payments;
  • Pay-by-link;
  • Etc.


A combination of the above ensures that a greater number of your customers are able to pay in ways that are convenient for them. This improves customer conversion rates and can further encourage 'impulse purchases' by consumers visiting your online store.


About the DECTA in-house processing center

DECTA is an industry leader providing complete eCommerce payment processing solutions to businesses of every size. Our key features include: 

  • High SLA: 99.99% uptime;
  • 50+ currencies accepted for global coverage;
  • Multiple payment methods: Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay International, PayPal, Apple Pay, Volt, and many more.
  • Various payment types: one-click technology, pay-by-link feature and recurring payment options;
  • Secure and scalable transactions with real-time invoice tracking and management;
  • Single point of contact, and 24/7 technical support;
  • Easy API integration;
  • The ability to manage sales, returns and invoicing on the go through our dedicated merchant dashboard;
  • A combination of features and technologies that allow you to onboard businesses representing a wide range of industries.


DECTA helps eCommerce businesses of all sizes to grow through a wide range of in-house payment processing solutions and business-friendly features. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your eCommerce payment processing needs and learn more about our services.