Case Study: Mastercard/Visa Integration and Payment Processing for Industra Bank

Based in Riga, Latvia, Industra Bank works with companies and individuals to facilitate their business growth both locally and internationally. The bank’s service offering is aligned with their clients’ business needs and encompasses corporate lending, investment opportunities, daily banking, and multiple payment services.

January 13, 2022

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The partnership between Industra Bank and DECTA began in late 2020, with our main objectives stated as follows:

  • Connecting Industra Bank to Mastercard and Visa payment schemes;
  • Transaction processing for Industra Bank’s payment acquiring flow.


We devised an approach based on the DECTA Technical Processing solution, making the necessary adjustments to match it to the exact client requirements.

Key deliverables:

  • Integration with Mastercard and Visa allowing Industra Bank’s customers to send and receive payments via two of the biggest international payment schemes;
  • Technical transaction processing for both Mastercard and Visa payment acquiring flow;
  • Mastercard and Visa​ chargeback processing, ensuring uninterrupted communication chain between Industra Bank and both payment networks;
  • Custom reporting to help Industra Bank’s financial department process regional data, gather BI insights, and monitor commission rates;
  • Specialized reporting for FCMC, a regional financial supervision authority;
  • Customized commission rate calculation to meet the specifications of Industra Bank’s banking system;
  • Other essential Acquiring functions, such as Payment Authorization, 3D-Secure v2, etc., which are part of the default DECTA service offering.


The project was developed within a short time frame (e.g., Mastercard integration was set up in under four months after the initial introduction with the client!). Since then DECTA has retained a close working relationship with Industra Bank, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery as well as ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

As a result, with the assistance from DECTA, Industra Bank was able to establish a steady transaction processing and reporting workflow, allowing it to launch a new service built around Mastercard and Visa payment acquiring.

The addition of Mastercard/Visa payment acquiring to our service line was instrumental to Industra Bank’s development strategy. Plus, working with the DECTA team was a really satisfying experience - professional, always helpful, and flexible in their approach to problem-solving. They made even the most challenging tasks seem easy!
Uģis Vorons , Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at Industra Bank
DECTA is pleased to help the advancement of Industra Bank’s service offering, as well as assist their customers in achieving their business goals. By all standards, a great project, delivered in a highly professional and friendly atmosphere.
Santa Kiršbauma , Board Member, Product Offering at DECTA