Dynamic Descriptor

DECTA’s Dynamic Descriptor provides a detailed description about transactions to help your customers recall their buying experience and avoid any disputes. In most cases, well-designed and informative dynamic descriptors eliminate any ambiguities or concerns about bank statements as well as reduce chargebacks and identity fraud-related risks.

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Give clear transaction details to cardholders

Dynamic Descriptor serves as an additional customer authentication tool for merchants as well as a useful reminder for customers about what the transactions was actually for.

With this functionality, cardholders can better understand their bank statements and easily recognize their online purchases.

Generate a customized description

Dynamic Descriptor feature gives the possibility for the merchant to modify transaction descriptions on a per-transaction basis and include additional information related to the recent purchase, like brand name, product or service name, phone number, merchant’s website etc. The 22-character text can be crafted according to the merchant’s discretion.

Fight fraud and provide identity checks in real-time

Dynamic Descriptor also conducts customer identification when the very first transactions is completed. This is to avoid fraudulent transactions and confirm that the payment card belongs to the customers.

The identification process is simple. When registering for services or making a purchase for the first time, Dynamic Descriptor generates a code, which is given on the bank statement. The customer will need to enter this unique code on the merchant website to verify identity.

Prevent your business from chargebacks and additional expenses

There are times when incomplete information in payment descriptions provokes confusion. When cardholders do not recognize their transactions, they often contact banks to dispute a charge to their accounts. In such situations, banks initiate a chargeback procedure that leads to additional expenses for merchants.

Claims classified as unrecognized transactions are quite common. In these cases, Dynamic Descriptor is one of the strongest tools to minimize customer disputes and chargebacks.

Key benefits

Provide a clear description on bank statements for your customers
Ensure recognition of the charge and eliminate transaction disputes
Reduce fraud risks with verification of cardholder’s identity
Customize information included in transaction descriptions and modify it on a per-transaction basis
Set a detailed description for recurring and instalment billing, club membership fees, utility payments etc.
Avoid unexpected losses from fraudulent transactions and chargebacks

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