DECTA Secure User Guide

This user guide provides detailed step-by-step instructions  for cardholders about the DECTA Secure Mobile application


Disclaimer - DECTA Secure mobile application design may slightly vary depending on device you are using

You can download DECTA Secure in Apple Store or Google Play

New online payment authentication approach for your bank 

Pay online

Link your payment card to DECTA Secure mobile application and use it as the authentication tool for your online purchases 

Use your card securely

Use biometrics to authenticate the transactions 

Quick set-up

Download DECTA Secure mobile application and set-up the profile within minutes 

How to set up DECTA Secure mobile application


Install DECTA Secure mobile application on your phone 


Grant all necessary access


Choose the authentication method: FaceID, fingerprint or PIN code


Activate your payment card for online purchases


Receive the activation link from your bank


Link your device using QR code 


Approve the action in the DECTA Secure mobile 

Activation link from your bank

  • When you receive the activation link from your bank, use a different device, not your mobile phone, to open that link
  • Fill in the requested field: Passphrase


*Please note that number of activation attempts is limited

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Link your device, using QR code

  • When Passphrase is filled in, QR code will be displayed on your screen.
  • Open the DECTA Secure application on your mobile phone, using biometrics or PIN code, and press the Scan QR Code button
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Aprove the action in DECTA Secure mobile aplication


Once the QR code is successfully scanned, the confirmation window will appear


To activate your card for online purchases, press the “Approve” button


Once the device is successfully activated, you will receive the notification


Online purchase using 
DECTA secure authentication

Online purchase example

When shopping online, you will be asked to approve the payment in the DECTA Secure mobile application 

Online purchase authentication


Please wait while DECTA Secure is preparing a push notification to your mobile application. It may take a few seconds


You will receive a push notification on your mobile device


DECTA Secure mobile application should be unlocked, using biometrics or PIN code


After unlocking DECTA Secure mobile application, you will see the payment details of your online purchase: 

  • Payment card data
  • Merchant’s name
  • Amount and currency
  • Action type

Now you can approve or deny the payment 


Application Features

Additional security factors for the DECTA Secure mobile app authentication:

Purchase history
Pin Change
Fingerprint Change
Face ID Change
User Guide


The information about your previous purchases


Your unique key for your payment authentication


You can set-up a four digit PIN code that will be used for payment authentication


You can choose one of the biometric authentication methods: FaceID or fingerprint



All your cards can be linked to a single DECTA Secure mobile application account.

You will receive separate activation links for each card you have, please use appropriate passphrase for card activation.

Download DECTA Secure mobile application and contact your bank to activate your new mobile phone.

Contact your bank to unlink the device from the DECTA Secure mobile application.

You can change your passphrase in your bank.

You have 5 attempts before your DECTA Secure mobile application will be locked. New attempts will be allowed after 10 minutes. If you still can’t remember your PIN code, delete the DECTA Secure mobile application and request a new DECTA Secure activation in your bank .

Card activation may fail due to timeout or incorrect passphrase. Use the activation link again after 10 minutes, or contact your bank.

Check if all the necessary access rights were granted to the DECTA Secure mobile application and try again.

DECTA Secure works with Visa cards.