DECTA Open Banking: a Simpler Way to Prosper

Once PRESTO - the largest driving school in Latvia with 120 branches - added Open Banking to their list of payment methods, already within the first month after launch DECTA Open Banking attracted 44% of online payments, helping PRESTO save 30% in commission fees.

October 20, 2022

Open Banking

More businesses are getting into the mindset of diversifying payment methods for better conversion rate and higher profits. While Mastercard and Visa remain the go-to payment choices for many, new payment technologies are increasingly winning the favor of both businesses and consumers alike.

Open banking is an example of such disruptive innovation in paytech. It works by allowing banks to open their APIs for authorized Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISP) to develop a new generation of payment products and services.

The technology enables direct account-to-account B2C payments by connecting merchants and PSPs to a growing network of partner banks across the EEA region. This, among other benefits, sets the stage for the planned SEPA-wide adoption of instant payments.

DECTA Open Banking 

DECTA Open Banking is a payment method that builds on the open banking protocol to offer the following key advantages:

  • Quick access to a network of authorized banks and financial institutions within a single integration
  • Seamless B2C transactions across the EEA
  • Low operation fee: starting from 0.10 € per transaction
  • No chargebacks
  • Security and ease of use: transactions are authorized via client’s Internet Banking platform of choice; no card details are required at any step of the transaction
  • DECTA Open Banking service is available as part of the standard DECTA Acquiring integration at no additional cost
Recent client case: PRESTO

PRESTO is the largest driving school in Latvia with 120 branches in 97 towns and villages across the country. For 2 years PRESTO has trusted DECTA to be their payment acquiring service provider enabling Mastercard and Visa payments through the company’s affiliated websites.

Recognizing the advantages of open banking for both their business and their customers, PRESTO was looking to adopt the new payment method by integrating DECTA Open Banking to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase conversion and authorization rates through improved customer journey
  • Reduce transaction cost and increase profitability



Once PRESTO made the decision to add open banking to their list of payment methods, all they had to do was contact their DECTA account manager and request activation of the desired functionality. DECTA Open Banking was then made fully operational in a matter of a few clicks using the DECTA payment gateway, which served PRESTO as key hub for payment acquiring and other business operations.


As a result, already in the first month after launch DECTA Open Banking attracted 44% of online payments, helping PRESTO save 30% in commission fees.  

Looking ahead, due to increased popularity, the new payment method is expected to continue to bring benefits in the form of customer convenience and further growth in revenue. 

“A significant part of our revenue comes from online sales, therefore, it is important for us to optimize this channel for the best possible customer experience and performance. DECTA Open Banking helped us reach both of these goals, quickly and at no extra cost. Impressive!” 
Janis Kisis -CMO at PRESTO driving school
“Seeing the value open banking can bring to our clients, we are convinced that it really is the future of payments!” 
Norberts Millers -Product Owner at DECTA