DECTA Gateway for Prestashop Websites

eCommerce has become a vital part of our daily lives, especially during the pandemic. Most experts also believe that it is here to stay. Going forward, consumers are rarely going to want to step out of their comfort zones to shop in brick and mortar stores.

August 10, 2021

Since 2014, e-commerce has grown from an industry worth $1.3 trillion to one with a $4.9 trillion valuation in 2021. Also, the data collected from the most recent period estimates a probable 276.9% increase in e-commerce activity globally. 

That said, if you’re building an e-commerce business, you can’t run it effectively without establishing a payment gateway. These payment gateways act as mediators between your e-commerce website and bank. They are crucial for your business because they allow secure payment for otherwise risky e-commerce transactions. 

Even though most e-commerce businesses know exactly what risks they’re up against, they don’t know which payment gateway to choose. Well, here’s our solution.

How DECTA Can Help

DECTA Gateway provides easy integration of its modules on some open-source platforms such as Opencart, Wordpress, Magento, and PrestaShop and adds benefits that make it an unparalleled choice for collecting payments online. 

Apart from this hassle-free integration, there are several benefits of using the DECTA Gateway. The module can be set up within just seven minutes, while the overall shop setup could take up to a day. The user does not need to have a wealth of technical knowledge as the following simple steps are all you need to start your online payment process.

Here’s how it worked before for the store on PrestaShop CMS:

1. The buyer enters the online store and puts together his "shopping cart"
2. The buyer wants to make the payment and fills in information about himself and the delivery of the product
3. The buyer chooses to pay with DECTA
4. The module redirects the buyer to the DECTA hosted payments page
5. The buyer enters the card data on the hosted payment page and presses Pay Now
6. If necessary, our page performs another redirect on the environment of the customer's card-issuing bank, where a 3D check is performed
7. After payment, our site edits the customer back to the store


When your potential customers visit your PrestaShop store, the first thing they search for is, obviously, a great deal on products or services. Once they’re past this, their second priority is a secure and straightforward payment process. 

That’s why DECTA is constantly improving its modules to make the process even more seamless and therefore trustworthy for your buyers. Now, let’s quickly have a look at the most recent improvements made by DECTA.

DECTA and Continuous Improvements

In our experience, we have found that Step 3 and Step 4 of DECTA’s traditional Payment Gateway work model have been a cause for concern. 

These steps can significantly affect customer conversion rates because most customers are afraid of making payments on pages that differ from the main shop website. Most customers are afraid of getting lost somewhere in the process of redrawing their payment. 

For this reason, DECTA has perfected a new and improved version of the Payment Gateway. This latest module update is intended to keep customers safe within your PrestaShop store, so neither customers nor e-commerce businesses have to worry about security. 

Here’s how the module works after the update:

1. The buyer enters the online store and puts together his "shopping cart"
2. The buyer wants to make a payment and fills in information about himself and the delivery of the product
3. The buyer chooses to pay with DECTA
4. The DECTA iframe is displayed on the same page where the customer is already located
5. The buyer enters the card data in the iframe and presses Pay Now
6. If necessary, in the same iframe, the environment of the customer's card issuing bank is opened, where to perform a 3D check
7. After payment, the customer sees a page with the payment result

Simply put, this updated module has been designed to increase conversion rates in your PrestaShop store as well as offer unparalleled security to online shoppers. 

Get Started With DECTA’s Payment Gateway for PrestaShop

Would you like to stop wasting your time and resources in generating invoices and sending e-mail reminders to your customers for delayed payments? What you need is a seamless checkout experience in your PrestaShop store to accept instant payments and generate revenue in seconds. 

This latest modulus offers a seamless checkout experience to your online customers and extends the freedom to make payment virtually anywhere and at any time. Naturally, you will also be able to keep track of all the payment transactions coming your way and perhaps even gather actionable insights to help grow your revenue. 

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