DECTA Enables eCommerce And Moto Payments For The Original Cottages

Travel industry has endured the pandemic better than many have predicted. However, to thrive in the post-COVID world, the surviving businesses are bound to compete for customers by finding more effective ways to connect with their audiences and catering to their buying preferences. DECTA has partnered with the Original Cottages to revamp their digital payment experience and make their services more universally accessible.

April 29, 2022

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About The Original Cottages

The Original Cottage Company Ltd is one of the largest family-owned, independent holiday cottage rental businesses in the UK. Originally founded as Norfolk Country Cottages in 1992, today the company comprises over 20 local brands with branch offices scattered throughout the country.
Leaders in the market, they are committed to using their extensive knowledge and experience in the holiday & travel industry to deliver service that is both professional and personal.

The Objectives

The client was looking to improve their website monetization and over-the-phone sales conversion rate.

The objectives included:

  • Enable eCommerce payment acquiring using Mastercard and Visa;
  • Enable MOTO payment acquiring to accept payments over the phone.
What We Did

With the new payment solution powered by DECTA, the Original Cottages were able to enhance their digital payments capacity, anchoring their position as a market leader. Developed and optimized to accommodate the client’s best business interests, the solution unlocks the following benefits:

eCommerce payments using Mastercard and Visa
By adopting payments via the top global payment networks, the company’s services are now universally accessible directly through their website to a wide customer base.

MOTO payments
Billing customers over the phone is a widely adopted income stream in the company’s region and market segment. This made MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) an important partnership requirement. 

Next business day payouts
This is a significant advantage for the client’s business model, where the funds need to be readily available to ensure smooth operation across the various local offices, property letters and connected services.

Quick launch
The project implementation time, from receiving the initial application to Go-live, was only 3 weeks. Among the main factors allowing us to reduce TTL was professional and well-coordinated work among teams. Another important ingredient was fast-track onboarding, which we were able to offer to the client as a verified low-risk business.

Payment flow is centralized
Making it convenient for the client to manage transactions across all of their local branch offices.

Cost optimization
Travel and hospitality industry is known to have suffered a serious blow by the COVID pandemic. This has forced many businesses in the sector to actively seek ways to mitigate the impact. Working closely with the client, the DECTA team was able to find ways to keep the cost of the project down without compromising the quality of the delivered solution.

Not only does the travel sector need to deal with the consequences of the COVID pandemic, but we have to do so in a technological environment that is rapidly changing. Partnership with DECTA has provided the necessary leverage for us to keep serving our customers at the highest level, as well as to preserve a solid competitive edge.
John Hall , Financial Controller at the Original Cottage Company
Reliable digital payments are among top customer expectations and a must for businesses of today and tomorrow. We were happy to help the Original Cottages find the most suitable way to get up to speed with the evolving market demand.
Julija Baskirova , Vice-President, Acquiring, Head of Customer Relations at DECTA