Case Study: GlobalShopper Integrates Apple Pay to Meet Customer Demand

GlobalShopper is an established cross-border eCommerce solution provider. Its array of associated websites aims to help consumers in the CIS region to overcome regional limitations and shop from over 10,000 US, European, and Asian online stores and marketplaces.

October 10, 2021

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Previously, in our partnership, DECTA has focused on enabling GlobalShopper to accept Mastercard and Visa payments via the DECTA Online Payment Acquiring solution. However, consumer demand for higher payment method diversity is growing putting pressure on merchants to provide more extensive payment options.

In early 2021, recognizing the importance of adding more variety to their payment flow, GlobalShopper approached DECTA with a request for Apple Pay integration.

A key component of our Acquiring solution is DECTA Payment Gateway, which, by design, lists Apple Pay integration among standard options. In practical terms, this meant that GlobalShopper was fully equipped to perform the integration on short notice directly with Apple Pay. Only limited assistance by DECTA was required, including:

  • A detailed manual, outlining the steps of the integration process
  • All the necessary advising, including an introduction with the key liaison officers
  • Updating permission policy within DECTA Payment Gateway


Finally, with the guidance from DECTA, GlobalShopper was able to go through a quick and straightforward Apple Pay integration procedure. They used DECTA Gateway’s backoffice capability to carry out the initial set-up and the necessary configuration in direct contact with Apple Pay, eliminating the need for a 3rd party involvement.

The result is a company-wide integration, which makes the new payment method available on all of GlobalShopper’s associated websites. 

This is an important step aiming to help align GlobalShopper’s business efforts with the current consumer trends. Extending the number of accepted payment methods helps to make their services palatable for a wider range of customers, leading to higher appeal, improved customer experience, and increased conversion rates.

We pay close attention to the needs of our customers with regard to every part of our business. Lately, providing additional payment methods has been a popular demand that we were looking to address. DECTA Acquiring solution has been an essential part of our business for years, and we were pleased with how easily we were able to upgrade it with Apple Pay!
GlobalShopper Ltd. Team