Going to the city center in a car might be challenging? The biggest issue is where to park your car. UniPark Group is a company that solves this issue - easily accessible parking with the most convenient payment option. UniPark Group consists of 4 companies – City Parking Group S.A., Stova UAB, Europark Latvia SIA, EuroparkEstonia OU, which provide various parking lots throughout the cities in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland. The main goal of the company is to make most people think of parking payment as little as possible. The drivers need to download the app, add the payment card and car number (if needed you can add several cars). The payment process for the parking lot is easy - if GPS is turned on, the app will offer the closest parking lot, the user will have to start it and stop it when finished while paying only for the time spent in the parking lot, no additional top-ups will be required.

With DECTA’s support, uniPark is able to provide the most commonly used payment methods - Visa and Mastercard payments. DECTA has its own in-house Payment Gateway which allows you to operate easily within one platform. DECTA Payment Gateway a dashboard with a wide range of functions - review and manage your payments, initiate payment reversals and partial refunds, analyze your payment data and manage your own team member accesses. Therefore, the process is easy not only for your customers but also for your team.

Justinas Doviltis, CIO of uniPark: “People’s lifestyle is getting quicker and more dynamic; thus, it is important to provide convenience for your customers. DECTA has helped us to achieve this goal. Once the uniPark app is installed, each payment for the parking is done in a quick and easy way. And of course, our team has the access to DECTA’s Payment Gateway to efficiently manage the payment processes and data.”