Follow the FinTech flow with Paywiser
Новости 17 февр. 2021 г.
Indeed, it is important to provide a wide range of financial products for your clients. However, implementing various payment solutions can be challenging and confusing. It requires several processes to make sure your client gets the full pack. DECTA can be a good sport for your company and support with the missing piece.
We are glad to announce our partnership with Paywiser – Paywiser is a global FinTech company regulated and licensed EMI / SVF Firm in the UK providing Acquiring, Issuing and Global Remittance services to connect Merchants, Corporate and Consumers across and between the UK and Europe. Paywiser is committed to provide innovative products and services that are transforming the traditional payments process. Our technology makes transactions simpler, faster, and more secure, whilst delivering products and services that add value and support our customers and partners alike. DECTA supports with acquiring and e-wallet top-up solutions. The partnership will enhance and strengthen Paywiser’s B2B payment solutions - including fully customized merchant solutions, Visa & Mastercard loading solutions, and more. The innovative solutions allow businesses to manage payments efficiently. 
DECTA Acquiring enables smooth Visa and Mastercard payment processing. The product has its own developed Gateway that allows you to have a hassle-free, easy, and secure payment experience. Moreover, DECTA has in-house card processing which provides flexible access, ongoing support from the payment provider, and the highest-rated anti-fraud features.
Dmitry Dubanevich, Head of UK Operation: “We are happy to work with Paywiser and to be a part of the process to provide the latest payment solutions for clients around the world”.
Sam Ho, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development: “Thanks to DECTA, we are able to provide the full-service solutions for our clients. DECTA’s products are frequently updated with the latest technological features which help us to provide secure payment services”.