Finding synergies in all lines of business: case of Advapay
Новости 14 авг. 2019 г.
Long term partner of Decta, Canopus Innovative Technologies LLC, providing financial account management software, has recently introduced Decta its related company Advapay, which in turn, becomes a new affiliate of Decta.

Unlike most of the players on financial arena nowadays, Canopus Innovative Technologies (further - Canopus IT) have not been incorporated in 21-st century. This company has much longer - 27-year history, giving them enough time to gain credibility, experience and build various lines of business. Canopus IT have started their business with software development for banks. Looking stable and secure at first, they have understood soon that their potential is far beyond this conservative institutions rigid to innovations. First, they started to offer development solutions to payment service providers, then - opened one themselves. The company name is PayAlly, it is a licensed payment institution regulated by FCA. It provides payments ecosystem for small to medium e-commerce businesses and personal use. And if for Canopus IT, Decta is seen as a client, PayAlly is Decta's client, as it acquires their payments through Decta.


Third line of group operations - Advapay, is a business integrator. Working as technology, financial and legal consultant, Adavpay helps their clients choosing optimal IT solution, ownership structure, residence of new entity as well as license type if necessary. Decta and Advapay see various points of interest in future cooperation. First, alike their related company PayAlly, Advapay uses Decta acquiring services. Secondly, due to the match of both company's clients needs, partnership agreement opens up for Decta clients an opportunity to receive competent piece of advice on company infrastructure, business models and relations with banks. Advapay clients in turn will have reliable, experienced and time-tested partner as payment service provider, processor and payment card issuer.


Maxim Ivanchenko, CEO of Advapay, states: "It has been a long and successful cooperation by now, and we see large potential in more profound alliance. Not only will it strengthen our business network, it will allow our clients to reach their goals faster, keeping quality at the highest level and money - safe. Decta are experts in payment industry, as we are. "
Santa Krišbauma, Vice-president, Product Development, "Finding synergies is rarely possible in short period of time. At first you have to build trust, prove expertise, show responsiveness to other's queries. Luckily, we have passed through this step, and now we can complement our clients with service of our partner."