Decta Gateway: introduction
Новости 19 сент. 2019 г.
From the beginning of this year Decta clients have been making a transition to a new generation gateway solution. Guidance in this process is fully lead by Decta Client Account Managers, who are there assisting companies every step of the way, nevertheless, it might be beneficial for all clients to learn more about the new DECTA Gateway functionality.

As an introduction, we will explain what it is and why a gateway is needed generally, and list Decta Gateway sections, mentioning their key functions. In further articles we will explain each section in detail.

Payment Gateway is a navigation panel for merchants allowing them to manage and oversee incoming funds flow. Each merchant, willing to sell products online needs an acquirer who would connect their website to International Card Schemes. By signing an acquiring agreement, client gets a Merchants Account, which accumulates revenue from goods or services sold online. The gateway actually gives opportunity to manage incoming cash flow. 
Decta Gateway provides higher variety of functions, than just observation of transactions. Its section list has 9 items:
  • First and foremost - Timeline. Here can be found all the transactions with their status. 
  • Invoice section lets the merchant access, issue and customize new invoices. These can be paid in two clicks and are delivered by mail or SMS.
  • Subscriptions are made for recurring payments. In this case messages are delivered automatically based on a schedule of preference. 
  • E-commerce & API are meant for merchants either willing to pursue sales using e-commerce module of platforms, say WooCommerce or Magento, or explore Decta API documents.  Using the API, Decta Gateway can be integrated into the billing process of any system, including e-commerce websites and mobile apps.
  • Team accounts section helps the merchant to manage their agents, sales and operations, by tracking performance of each member separately. 
  • Clients section is aimed for personal approach towards merchant's client. Here is stored information on frequency of purchases, delivery requirements and saved card data. 
  • Branded cards. Thanks to this section the merchant can issue, oversee and manage co-branded benefit or salary cards with few clicks.
  • Analytics let you filter and view your key performance indicators in comprehensive graphs, charts and tables.
And many more…
Each of the sections is aimed to make navigation of payments maximally convenient. Decta Gate will be further discussed in next articles. Follow us on Facebook and Linkedin, don’t miss!