A success story of the expert traveler - The Specialist Journeys Group
Новости 17 дек. 2020 г.
We all love to travel and we all have different interests – and so, indulging your interests when you travel can be the perfect combination of pleasures. But whether your particular passion is for gardens, history, walking, wildlife, or wine, it can be a challenge to create the ideal holiday experience. That’s why you go to the experts – The Specialist Journeys Group is a family of tour operators with decades of experience crafting award-winning special interest itineraries.

Brightwater Holidays focus on glorious gardens worldwide and tours of their native Scotland, a spectacular nation
which they know better than anyone. The group’s biggest brand, Andante Travels, focuses on ancient wonders and archaeological treasures in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Andante and Brightwater tours are characterized by expert guiding, ‘behind the scenes’ special access and a more in-depth appreciation of great destinations and attractions. The Specialist Journeys Group also incorporates Dream Challenges, charity tours and events organizer. Kind-hearted participants raise thousands of pounds for charities of their choice and experience unforgettable travel adventures in the process.

DECTA provides acquiring services and supports Specialist Journeys with all the necessary security and financial requirements. Most importantly, DECTA carefully defines the tasks and goals with the client in order to support and provide the most efficient solutions in the most difficult times. During COVID-19, Specialist Journeys proved they’re not a family just within the group; their customers comprise a bigger family. Most of those guests who had their tours canceled in 2020 agreed to reserve the paid amount for future trips when the situation would normalize, demonstrating trust and proving the unique nature of the Specialist Journeys product.

Julija Baskirova, Vice-President, Acquiring, Head of Customer Relations at DECTA: “During the pandemic, it is crucial to provide safe and loyal services. We are proud to have a travel company in our portfolio whose customers are loyal and dedicated; this is
a great sign of a strong brand. We are happy to provide tailored services and offer the best support possible to help our client to grow”. 
Andrew Dale, Director at Specialist Journeys: "DECTA has proven a great partner for us and we are happy to have one dedicated account manager that knows our situation and can offer the best advice and services. With DECTA’s support, we are able to solve any issues and be open with our clients to retain their trust".