A new payment method for your customers - Apple Pay
Новости 28 янв. 2021 г.
With every year the number of tech devices grow. People use various types of them – phones, laptops, smart watches, tablets and many more. The attachment grows, and it is more common to forget the wallet rather than the phone. Thus, the popularity of electronic wallets increases since they add more convenience to daily life.
Apple Pay is a contactless payment technology which allows you to pay with any Apple Pay compatible device by adding a debit or credit card to your Apple Pay Wallet. It is a quick and secure contactless payment method that can be used both in store and online.
Your customers won’t have to provide the card data and billing details manually anymore – once they choose the Apple Pay payment method, all relevant information is filled out automatically and verified by Face ID or Touch ID. Seamless payment flow may meaningfully increase your overall conversion rate. Moreover, it is crucial to mention that payments through electronic wallet are really safe. The card data is tokenized which means it is not shared directly with the merchant. 
We are thrilled to announce that starting from 25th of January 2021, DECTA provides Apple Pay payments for DECTA clients that have integrated through API. Additionally, DECTA processing center is able to process tokenized payments, which means that purchases done through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung pay and many other electronic wallets will be approved. 
The integration itself is simple, intuitive and not time-consuming, taking only several steps to connect Apple Pay. If you wish to provide Apple Pay payment method for your customers and you are already using DECTA services, please contact your DECTA account manager. If you are new, feel free to contact sales@decta.com, our team will be happy to discuss and find you the best solution for you!