Visa Direct Original Credit Transaction (OCT) and MoneySend

Visa Direct Original Credit Transaction (OCT) and MoneySend by Mastercard is a secure and reliable way to send money directly to your customer’s payment card. DECTA’s innovative service makes life easy and secures money transfers to all Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit and debit cards. The “payment to card” functionality provides a simple and intuitive user experience for fund transfers to millions of cardholders globally.

Visa Direct Original Credit Transaction (OCT) and MoneySend by Mastercard allows merchants and corporate companies to send money in main currencies - EUR, RUB, USD, GBP.

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Expand your business internationally and provide the “payment to card” service to your customers worldwide. DECTA’s service will help your business create new, additional revenue streams.

Original Credit Transaction (OCT) and Money Send can generate up to 30% of your total revenue.

Offer your customers value-added services

The “Payment to card” solution is a convenient and easy-to-use way for sending money to your customers. In comparison to traditional payment methods, the new functionality ensures instant payment processing and fast transfers with the largest banking networks.

This means that you can provide an exceptional payment experience at the most cost-effective rates without sacrificing simplicity.

Take advantage of convenient payouts and transfers

Forex and Binary Option trade payouts
Gaming and Gambling payouts
Affiliate and agent payouts
E-wallet payouts
Corporate bonuses, payroll expenses
Insurance claims
Money transfer

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