Recurring billing

Maximize your long-term revenue streams and let your customers live worry-free life. It is all about leveraging recurring billing services and eliminating monthly payments made manually. DECTA’s Recurring billing solution is a smart and simple solution for any business, providing goods or services repeatedly to the same customers.

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A simple payment solution for your repeat customers

Provide a seamless and frictionless payment experience for your subscribed customers. They will no longer have to submit transactions manually every month.

Once they subscribe, they will only need to enter the card details and give permission to automate payments based on a custom schedule. To improve security and accountability, the first trans-action is usually initiated by the cardholder using 3D Secure.

Manage billing plans with greater flexibility

Recurring billing services bring additional flexibility and control over customer subscriptions and billing. You can easily set up and manage billing plans. It can be either weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annual payments - depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Key benefits

Improve your service level and offer a simple, hassle-free way for your customers to pay
Automate online payment transactions and save time on invoicing
Take advantage of predictable revenue streams based on recurring billing
Increase conversion rates with more control over the payment process
Establish a customised billing cycles to match your business needs
Charge a customer’s credit card automatically and speed up billing operations
Increase your income with recurring payments and subscriptions

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