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A payment gateway is a service that authorizes and processes debit and credit card payments for online and offline merchants. Payment gateway software ensures a smooth payment process – after a customer makes a purchase on your website and pays with a credit or debit card, a payment gateway encrypts this confidential payment data and sends it to your acquiring bank/payment processor for authorization. Once the payment is approved, the payment gateway informs about your e-commerce platform, so the delivery of service or goods can be started.

DECTA developed its own payment Gateway which allows you a hassle-free, easy, and secure payment experience. Payment Gateway by DECTA is a new online payment platform for merchants allowing them to manage and oversee incoming funds flow. You will be able to offer your customers multiple payment options, while managing the potential fraud and credit risks, making the buying experience easier and more secure for your customers, while ensuring that you get paid on time. 

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Security is the main component of all known payment gateways, making sure that every transaction that occurs between a merchant and an issuing bank is encrypted to protect confidential financial information.

Although the transaction process is very fast and takes just a few seconds, several important steps are performed during this short period. As soon as the customer receives a request to the secure payment page and place the order, the transaction data (credit card number, expiry date, and CVV code) is encrypted with 3D Secure technology and sent to the payment processor through the payment gateway.

The payment processor

The payment processor contacts the credit card issuing bank and receives a confirmation or rejection of the transaction. This response is sent to the payment gateway, which in turn sends it to a merchant’s website. At the final stage, the information is interpreted and an appropriate response is generated. If the transaction was approved, the seller starts to perform the order.

Key benefits

Provide flexible and user-friendly payment integrations methods
Offer the acceptance of diverse payment methods across multiple digital channels
Integrate new payment solutions available on the market
Provide pre-configured toolkits and developer-built codes

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