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One-click payments on a payment gateway are perfectly suited for your loyal or repeat customers to pay for goods or services within a second. Making a fast and clean checkout experience should be one of the priorities to increase conversions and customer retention. With DECTA`s payment gateway one-click payments, you can simplify payments and integrate the PAY NOW button into your website or mobile app, making online shopping as simple as one click.

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Maximize revenue with one-click payments

The final customer touchpoint very often gets the credit for increased conversion rates and sales. Making the checkout process on the payment gateway simpler and easier is the key to reaching a higher number of customers that complete this process.

With a one-click option, the payment process can be completed in a matter of seconds. The less time customers spend waiting for the payment gateway to process their payment, the fewer carts they abandon and the more money will be earned.

Increase conversion rate

The one-click functionality allows customers to pay instantly and doesn’t require to enter their details like name, address and card data every time they make purchases via payment gateway.

Usually, complicated checkout procedures of the payment gateway result in a frustrating payment experience as well as negatively affect conversion rates. On the contrary, one-click payments on your payment gateway save your customer time and ensure a pleasant checkout experience that drives customer loyalty, increase conversation rates and revenue.

High security of payment gateway for sensitive information protection

Besides speed and simplicity of one-click payments, security is also an important advantage. You no longer need to store sensitive customer and card data, because payment gateway is secured with tokenization technology. When customers complete their first transaction, they are asked to enter all card and personal details into the payment gateway as well as perform 3D Secure authentication. After that, the data are securely saved on our servers and it will never be passed to your system or application.

Build and retain loyalty with one-click payments on your payment gateway

One-click payments is an effective way to increase customer satisfaction. The faster payment processing operates, the less likely customer will change their mind.

A quick and simple buying experience within the payment gateway encourages repeat customers and also spreads awareness among a naturally targeted audience

We provide payment gateway services for the following industries:

Online games
Social networks
IP telecom

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