Multi-currency Processing

If your business deals with international customers or you are looking to expand in new markets, DECTA can help you to provide real-time multi-currency processing and settlement services for payments in the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, DKK, SEK, CAD, NOK, PLN, RUB, CZK and others.

DECTA`s multi-currency processing gives merchants a strategic advantage to increase sales internationally. This simple and effective payment tool allows international customers to feel more at ease when paying for goods or services in their local currencies.

DECTA’s value-added service not only gives customers the choice of payment currencies but also supports online payments with both - Visa and Mastercard cards.

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Expand your international customer base

A seamless checkout experience is very critical to increase conversion rates and revenue from new markets and international clientele. With DECTA’s Multi-currency Processing service, merchants create a more positive experience for all customers shopping on their website and looking to pay in local or foreign currencies.

This simple and affordable tool also makes customers feel more confident that there are no secret charges or high currency exchange rates.

Streamline business processes

For international merchants, the possibility to accept payments in different currencies improves cash flow and provides a significant competitive advantage. There is no need to invest in multiple local branches or banking relationships.

Multi-currency payments also allow merchants to eliminate costs or complex schemes in managing e-commerce websites for different markets. This way, they can create more business opportunities for growth and international expansion.

Key benefits

Reduce time and resources spent on managing international payments
Allow your customers to pay in local and foreign currencies
Provide processing and settlements in the same currency
Improve cardholder experience
Reduce chargebacks and increase conversion rates

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