Mail Order and Telephone Order payments (MOTO)

Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) provides everything merchants need to manually process card-not-present transactions by mail or phone. DECTA’s Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO) processes payments instantly from anywhere in the world and even accepts phone order purchases. It means your customers can shop for goods or services without leaving their home or using e-commerce websites. Customers are still in contact with the merchant to have a personalised shopping experience or avoid trouble with online payment or unresponsive browsers.

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Operate globally and accept payments from any location

MOTO provides an exceptional opportunity for merchants to process payment immediately after the customer places the order. This service is perfectly suited for businesses involved with telemarketing, because payment processing and even authentication of cardholder details, are done over the phone.

Reach customers with different sales channels

With the MOTO functionality, businesses can securely process offline card transactions when customer identity is verified. MOTO payments are compatible with the most popular shopping carts and can be easily integrated with the merchant’s system.

The versatile and easy to use service can be integrated with businesses that make sales directly with card-not-present transactions, including call-centres, travel services or catering.

Key benefits

Meet the needs of customers who hesitate to pay online or prefer person-to-person interactions
Offer an alternative payment method to increase the number of transactions
Provide real-time transaction processing for customers based anywhere across the globe
Process payment transactions without a customer’s signature
Provides custom reporting tools and real-time statistics
Accept payments in different currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, DKK, SEK, CAD, NOK, PLN, RUB, CZK etc.

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