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DECTA Gateway is a feature-rich platform designed for merchants who want to sell their products or services online. It offers much more than just observation of transactions – its main navigation panelist has 9 items with their own set of different functions. The first and most important section to begin with – is the Timeline. Here you can find all the transactions and their statuses. DECTA Gateway makes it possible for you to manage and oversee the complete flow of incoming funds.

Choose hassle-free invoicing – in the invoice section you can access, issue, and customize new invoices. DECTA Gateway offers a secure and convenient option of payments. Invoices can be delivered by e-mail or SMS and can be paid in just two clicks, making it easy for customers. Besides, DECTA Gateway allows you to generate as many electronic invoices as you wish. You can create clear and flexible invoices with various customization options.

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In this section, you can review all your invoices and its payment statuses, use handy filtering, and download statements in multiple formats. DECTA Gateway provides you with the possibility to create refunds, view, duplicate, print, or download an invoice. Use the search option to find the needed transactions – that is possible to check payment status, error description for unsuccessful payments, the time when the order was created, and see all customer and transaction details.
In the Timeline section, you can also search for any payment-related information you may need. Orders can be found by ARN, Cardholder name, Email, First Name, ID, IP, IP created, Last name, Masked card number, Order Number, Processing ID. Select the time frame to find orders by the creation date.

Timeline Report

You can download beautiful custom reports from Timeline in CSV or XLSX formats. See a report of all orders – add filters to sort your orders if you need to download a report with specific details. Remove filters if you need to have a report with all orders.
You can also add default or custom filters to find the necessary transactions. That is also possible to customize search options – create a new filter by choosing the filter option and value, create as many filters as needed, and add them to your timeline.


Invoicing is used by both merchants with websites to issue customized manual invoices and also S&M merchants, who sell their goods through social networks, telephone orders and other alternative channels.

DECTA Gateway offers you a customized invoicing solution. Create new invoices and save the list of all your invoice templates and explore more interesting features.

Need to add more information? You can edit created templates and customize invoice fields: add a link to your website, invoice in multiple currencies or choose from various language options, and many other things to better meet the needs of your business.

Add and preview invoice

Make sure that your invoices include all required information, charge the appropriate tax, and that all information is accurate. Create custom, detailed invoices with the help of additional functionality:

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) – this feature will fit your business if you receive orders by Internet, mail, or telephone. MOTO allows you to process credit card transactions without the cardholder and their card being present in your place of business.
Terminal – this functionality can be used during the delivery process or face to face services. You can create an invoice and open it on your device – all the client has to do is to input card data.

DECTA Gateway is very useful in improving the payment cycle for your business. You are able to review and analyze reports – see all created orders and invoices, received payments, and check the invoice status.

Key benefits

Consultancy or support in minutes through online chat
Hassle-free invoicing
Oversee the complete flow of incoming funds
Manage easily the reports
A secure and convenient option of payments
Deliver invoices to your customer easily -through SMS or email

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