Technical Processing in Czech Republic: case-study of Prepaid Solutions
News Sep 6, 2019
Unlike other products of Decta, such as Online Acquiring, Technical Processing is a solution for payment industry professionals, companies and banks, whose competence is approved by financial regulators and Payment Card Networks or International Card Organizations (ICO) or International Payment Schemes. These companies have their own policies, procedures and licenses, allowing them to issue physical or virtual cards and acquire funds of the user. While what they need is certified Payment Processor which would allow safe authorization process. For these companies it is a reasonable to outsource card processing to reduce costs, simply switch on new services, improve fraud management, and regulatory compliance.

Prepaid Solutions is a financial institution regulated by Czech National Bank, among other services, offering their clients prepaid Mastercard® payment cards. For individuals, the company offered pre-paid cards under the brand FreePay - cards which are not connected to bank accounts and allow ATM withdrawals and payments at merchants worldwide. Though as their customer base includes also business clients, they offer specialized loyalty programs for customers and employees, allowing refueling and reimbursement of user expenses.

CENTIZU necessity was a solution for benefit cards, used as lunch vouchers in an IT-corporation. For the company it was important to receive customized service in short period of time, due to rough schedule of their client and number of set obligations. Apart from being safe, required processing solution had to ensure high System Availability Up-Time. Decta provided CENTIZU with processing solution, which would meet strictest security standards PСI DSS Level 1 with System Availability Up-Time up to 99.99. Solution included dispute management and chargeback processing as well as fraud and risk management opportunity. 

David Tacl, CEO of Prepaid Solutions:  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Decta team for your intensive work during the implementation process. We valued clear implementation timelines, rational and supportive attitude a lot. The solution enabled CENTIZU to deliver great results - at this point in time, there are more than 25 000 cards in circulation, and more to come. We believe that we will be able to run many interesting programs together, not only in Czech Republic.
Santa Kiršbauma, Vice-president, Product Development: It has been a challenging but also rewarding launch. Decta team was mobilized and showed astonishing results. Technical processing is a product for payment industry professionals, so their review has a great significance in proving Decta solution excellence.