Success story: cooperation with EVRY
News Jul 10, 2019
Cooperate with the strongest, cooperate with the best - advises you almost any partnership improvement book there is. Our cooperation with EVRY is an excellent example that this advice is well-reasoned.
EVRY is one of the leading tech and consulting companies in Northern Europe, offering their clients wide portfolio of services from data centre and process efficiency optimization to AI. Recently announced merger with Tieto, combines revenue of TietoEVRY of EUR ˜3 billion and 24 000 employees, making them one of the strongest companies present in the market.
Range of industries EVRY serves is also impressive - Retail, Financial and Media clients are in line with Manufacture, Energy and Public Sector.
Among Financial industry services EVRY offers production and personalization of payment cards. So for Decta and our customers, EVRY is preferred card personalization bureau. 
Coming back to the reasons why to cooperate with the strongest - expertise, reliability and ability to meet highest expectations. The case when EVRY has proven to have all of these qualities was in December 2018. When after the short-notice to implement a new project including delivery of 100 000 plastics before Christmas EVRY has managed to do that in unimaginable 4 weeks. 
 Back then Finangel (read the case study here) has already integrated the API and came up with the design of plastics. Decta, in turn, finished registration of the card program in Mastercard. Next step was ordering the physical cards themselves. Process is slightly less simple as it seems from the first sight. Actual card production, personalization and delivery is preceded by data encryption, key management and pin generation. High level of data protection and strict rules of actions requiring expertise, precision and active cooperation between Decta and EVRY. Despite countless number of occurring challenges, time pressure and ambitiously set plan - Finangel goal to deliver 100 000 cards in less than two months was met. 
Valda Zute, Executive Director of EVRY Card Services Baltic branch, recalls:
"It felt like an adventure! Given generally accepted time frame for new project implementation including card manufacturing of 2 – 6 months, idea of card production and project implementation in one seemed audacious. We knew it would require additional hours of work and high intensity of focus. Though we never doubted our team and had great time working with Decta professionals." 
Marks Andrejevs, CEO of Decta, states:
"It was and still is a pleasure to cooperate with such well-coordinated team as EVRY. Not many companies may agree to raising industry standards, especially when third party interactions are needed. Their work has not only involved in-house work, EVRY have managed to confirm design at Mastercard, find chip manufacturers, as well as persuade plastic manufacturers to deliver the necessary type of plastic in the shortest time possible despite holiday season. It was an impressive cooperation leading to world-class results!”
If you, alike Decta and EVRY don't limit yourself to usual results and are interested in White-label cards, write to us: or learn more about Decta Smart visiting solution description section.