BankLaunch and DECTA offer the perfect business solution
News Nov 26, 2020
Integrated solutions for fintech. BankLaunch and DECTA offer the perfect business solution for launching self-branded payment cards.

Partnerships are key to a strong and competitive business. Today we can proudly announce the strategic partnership of DECTA and BankLaunch. By joining forces these two companies are offering customers to launch a fintech project with self-branded payment cards.

DECTA is a global payment processing provider and undisputed regional leader in payment acquiring and issuing white-label card solutions. The company maintains the status of the principal member for both Visa and Mastercard internationally. It provides full service for card-issuing service starting with technical processing and settlements within the payment system network, card personalization, and ending with the delivery to the cardholder.


“The right choice of partnership is a big part of great results. We are glad to cooperate with BankLaunch. Both team collaboration brings advanced financial technology solution and the client can get an efficient and full scope of card service.” - Santa Kirsbauma, Board Member, Product offering DECTA
BankLaunch is a modular financial technology solution platform using ready-to-use modules tailored for resolving both technical complexities and business customer needs. Besides the technological infrastructure solutions, BankLaunch is providing access to its network of fintech partners and enables seamless integration with the market’s leading service providers, such as DECTA.



“Working with reliable technical partners is crucial for the BankLaunch and its customers. We are impressed by the quality of customer support and the high level of cooperation with DECTA. We are thrilled to recommend DECTA as the acquiring and card issuing vendor to our customers.” - Dmitry Buzdin, CEO BankLaunch

Issuing own payment cards is more convenient than ever

Together with DECTA, BankLaunch uses progressive technology to create superior convenience and efficiency within the payment sector. The partnership covers the whole scope of card functionality: card issuing, fulfillment, authorizations, clearing and reconciliation. The integration means a fast, easy, secure and ready-to-use solution to start issuing self-branded virtual and physical cards.

BankLaunch enables its clients to build business cases on top of the DECTA’s payment cards. It also helps clients to collect information about customer identity, activities and behavior. The platform supplies the ability to build custom reports on top of collected data, including card transactions. Sensitive client data is stored securely, in virtual vaults and fully compliant with relevant mandates and regulations, such as GDPR. Since KYC/AML are pivotal elements of FinTech solutions, the BankLaunch has simplified the processes by full automation of customer onboarding, events-sourcing and decision analysis. The platform offers solutions for client monitoring with AML risk strategy and integration of external providers of their own choice.

BankLaunch and DECTA, reliable allies for new fintech initiatives

BankLaunch empowers DECTA users to create a diverse variety of business-critical solutions to increase revenue on top of the payment cards. The joint technology offering is aligned with regulators and financial authorities’ requirements across EEA and beyond. Launching its own digital banking company has become fast, simple and convenient.

By using BankLaunch & DECTA integration, the users could save at least three months of IT development work. The interested users can receive additional information and try out the demo digital banking solution by contacting the team directly.