How Smart Payment Technologies can drive your business
News Aug 24, 2017
Decta presents you the biggest challenges many online businesses are facing these days
Payment technologies are moving fast these days. Keeping pace with the change and taking responsible risks are some of the biggest challenges online businesses face today. That’s why constant improvements in service quality and delivery processes are needed to stay competitive in the marketplace of payment technologies. 

It is no secret that the main task of any business is to adapt their product or service to customer needs and technological changes. However, it is important not to forget about such an internal factor as effectiveness. Many online businesses start thinking about how to improve operational processes only once they analyze results and reveal a number of failed transactions.
But how can you apply this to e-commerce payments? Having a successful e-commerce website is one of the major advantages for online businesses. But an even more important aspect is advanced payment technologies that can bring many more opportunities for your online business.

Decta presents you the biggest challenges many online businesses are facing these days  

Drive your conversion rate with different payment options

In today's highly-technological world, the payment industry is constantly changing and along with customer demands that spring from this. Providing a simple, intuitive and fast payment experience is a must for every online business owner. While there are some customers, who prefer traditional means of online payments, most customers prefer to have a flexible choice of ways to pay. 
  • Different payment methods and multiple currencies

Make your customers become your regular clients with a wide choice of payment methods. Looking long term, new payment methods can bring the ease, convenience and security to the payment process and, in turn, help to maximize your ROI and profits. Customers will likely spend more on their purchases or will deposit more with merchants, accepting different payment methods or currencies. This example is particularly relevant to forex, different types of gambling and betting. 

  • One-click option

A quick and easy payment process will keep your customers satisfied.  Therefore, one-click or pay-and-go payments are exactly what merchants need to offer as seamless online payments to their customers. There is no need for shoppers to fill out all the required information, including a 16-digit payment card number. With this friendly payment option merchants are able to ensure a more pleasant checkout process for online shopper. 

  • Payments by link/invoice

It doesn’t matter in which area of business you are. Maybe you need to send an invoice, process an order by phone or confirm a reservation - no threshold, it is all possible.  There is a link which allows your customer to pay by their credit or debit cards. This simple and convenient solution features a PAY NOW button that automatically generates an invoice and allows customers to pay instantly. 

  • Smart Fraud Management System

In this risk-driven environment of online payments, the role of a reliable Fraud Management System is unquestionable – whether you are a merchant or Payment Services Provider. For this reason, the main function of the Fraud Management System is to identify and block fraudulent transactions during the payment process. However, there are many cases when the system designated to prevent fraudulent transactions, also blocks genuine transactions and delivers significant losses for online merchants. 

Such types of failures mainly occur due to a lack of flexibility and capability to provide a customized approach to every case and merchant. Among many possible action plans to increase the conversation rate without compromising security is the implementation of a Smart Fraud Management System that determines parameters on a customer-by-customer basis. 

Besides flexibility, human impact is also a crucial factor in Fraud Management. Each applied rule/limit has to be controlled up to the point when it is considered as a “healthy” measure within the business environment - traffic. In order to achieve the best results in conversion of traffic, we encourage businesses to merge the two sides – experience and technology. Additionally, excellent knowledge of fraud logic can be helpful when coping with possible actions done by other issuers side or eliminating transaction blocks.  

Minimize chargebacks with smart features 

Chargebacks are generally seen as additional costs for online business holders and merchants. In many cases, chargebacks are initiated by cardholders due to inconsistencies in their payment card statements or insufficient transaction security. 
Not only chargebacks can raise a risk factor associated with costs, but also land a merchant account in the acquirer blacklist due to VISA/MasterCard thresholds. 

For this reason, payment features are even more important at the checkout process. With different payment technologies, merchants can improve customer experience as well as protect themselves from unfair chargebacks and additional losses.

  • 3D Secure technology

The modern merchant must understand its customer, and be ready to provide a seamless customer experience without compromising security. One of the ways how to do it, is to implement the 3D technology that provides an additional security layer as well as reduces fraud in online transactions and simultaneously prevents unforeseen chargebacks. 
This technology is often perceived as something, what can reduce conversion rate. Fortunately, traditional 3D Secure has been improved with a risk-based feature and now merchants can provide the reliable authentication without compromising customer experience. Merchant can selectively route transactions through 3D Secure and consumers can be asked for authentication with a PIN only when the transaction can deliver some level of risk (first transaction, geo location changes, for certain money amount, etc).


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