For the attention of merchants: Visa and Mastercard ® brand related updates
News May 10, 2019
Visa and Mastercard has recently announced a list of changes in their brand and logo usage. Most of them are due at the end of the year, though one must be applied by the beginning of next month. As all the changes are mandatory for application, we find it crucial to share some key points with you.
Point 1. By 1st of June 2019 Mastercard requires to update the visual representation of stored Mastercard account credentials in digital environment. Last four digits of account number should be preceded by either Mastercard symbol (Figure 1) or Mastercard card image (Figure 2). Analogous change of format to be made for Visa accounts by the end of the year (please see Point 3. below).






Point 2. By 1st of October 2019 merchants, using Visa 3-D Secure standard, should replace "Verified by Visa" marks with the new "Visa Secure" badge. The change is linked to 3-D Secure standard update to EMV® 3DS (formerly known as 3DS 2.0). Merchants are asked to update "Visa Secure" logo only if the current authentication option has been updated to EMV 3DS.

Point 3. By 31st of December 2019, for merchants, storing information about the payment card of the customer, there is a new standard how to display the data about Visa card. Updated logo of Visa or Visa card should be followed by "Visa" name and the last four digits of the card. As for “Visa” usage in text, only "V" is uppercase (caps for all the letters is not allowed).
Visa logo should also be updated. 
All - colors, form and contrast should remain as shown in picture below.
Point 4. The same term, 31st of December 2019, a similar update is planned for Mastercard Brand Requirements and its brand name's use in a text. The sizing, space and configuration rules are best shown on the picture below. As of brand name: "Mastercard", it has to be written in one word without space between “Master” and “card”; must use uppercase “M” and lowercase “c”.
Visa logo should also be updated. All - colors, form and contrast should remain as shown in picture below.
We would like to remind our current clients to update the wording and usage of brand logo for Visa and Mastercard on time. Please feel free to ask questions, or proceed with exploring   Mastercard Branding Requirements and Visa Merchant Business News Digest.
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