Finding the best way: case of Arsia Group, rail booking services
News Jun 18, 2019
It feels good, reaching your own goals, but finding synergy and helping others to succeed feels even better. We want to share with you stories of our existing clients and their experience of cooperation with DECTA.

How does it feel to be top-rated, and what does it cost? These questions could be answered by one of our oldest clients, Arsia Group. Railway ticket provider operates in more than 50 countries while having 9.2 satisfaction rating on Trustpilot. 

Company functions under three main brand names: Rail Ninja, Russian Train Tickets and Russian Trains, all of which are bounded by the main value of Arsia Group – quality and convenience for their customers. Best train connections allowed winning World Travel Awards, whereas helpful, multilingual customer support answered over 15 000 live chats 24/7. 

To keep exceeding expectations of their clients, Arsia had to ensure that user experience was seamless. And while the actual journey was under surveillance of best railway operators, DECTA was preferred payment service provider for European countries. 

One of the most valued benefits of the solution, chosen by Arsia, is the adaptability of gateway to the needs of the client. Besides the ability to process multi-currency transactions, take care of dispute management and chargeback processing, it
endows clientele payments by link and invoice.

Vyacheslav Shirokov, founder of Arsia, states: “The intensity of competitiveness in travel is no different to the one in payment industry. One cannot complain about the scarcity of acquiring travel service providers for all needs. The reason why we have been working hand-in-hand all these years is the standards, which both companies set high.

“What makes DECTA unique and valuable for us as long-term partners, is their inhouse processing, high-quality account management service and responsiveness to the needs of a fast-growing company. These give us confidence that no matter how challenging the environment could  be, Decta is technically capable and professionally determined to face it and help us proceed being the best in our industry.”

Mark Andreev, CEO at DECTA stated, “It has always been a pleasure working with Arsia Group – their thrive for excellence and willingness to serve their clients in the best possible way unites and inspires us. We are happy with their high valuation of our service which we aim to improve on and on.”

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