End-to-end payment processing to support card issuing in UK fintech platform Bilderlings
News Jun 2, 2020
Another client of DECTA – Bilderlings, has recently launched new products: Mastercard Bilderlings Business and Mastercard Bilderlings cards powered by DECTA Technical payment Processing solution.

Bilderlings perceive themselves as banks’ alternative. The platform aims to provide a better solution for their clients by combining under their wing all-in-one challenger banking services, including IBAN accounts, consumer and corporate Mastercard issuing along with merchant account opening for payment acquiring. The company serves both individuals and business clients.

By means of DECTA Technical Processing solution, the cards are also enabled by highest security standards - PCI DSS Level 1 compliant system as well as 3D Secure compliance. Also, the cards embody cash-back solution, can be used in various currencies and work in more than 150 countries.

Project active phase started in September 2019. Clear implementation timelines and professional support of DECTA and Bilderlings teams allowed it to go live already in February 2020 and in March to be available for mass production and new client orders. Besides the technical capacities of the card product, Bilderlings also has another distinguishing feature – the extraordinary design. Cards are made of transparent plastic, which not only serves an aesthetical purpose – it aims to impersonate transparency as one of the key company’s values.

Alexander Peshkov, co-owner and Chairman of the Board of Bilderlings “We have made it with an original design and an emphasis on transaction security and customer data protection.“
Julija Akuchane, DECTA: “It has been an interesting and challenging project. The ambitious yet highly professional team of Bilderlings aimed for the best possible results. These standards matched ours, so cooperation was intensive yet successful. Happy to see Bilderlings as a client!"