ECOM21: DECTA partnership with Deloitte
News Jan 14, 2020
United by high-quality standards and the focus on the future of the industry, DECTA and Deloitte joined forces to organize ECOM21 in March 2020.

Unique processing centre, with in-depth expertise in payments and e-commerce DECTA has been a long-time supporter of ECOM21. First as an exhibitor, then - as a General Partner and Speaker. Through the years of participation with different level of engagement, DECTA witnessed all the components of high added value of the conference:  invariably good level of presentations, that are very practical and real life cases based, and quality networking bringing additional business value after the event This year DECTA has decided to become a co-organizer of the event. 


Anna Himiceva, Executive Director at ECOM21 and Head of Marketing at DECTA: "Thanks to Deloitte initiative and DECTA technological support, it is possible to bring back the tradition of e-commerce and business celebration, which takes place in Riga."
Deloitte with its 1.7 century-old brand history, unique approach in solving the most complex problem and wide high-end audience reach, has opened up new opportunities for the event. The company has taken a lead in programme development and speaker invitation. Given impressive network the company has access to and ambitions of the organizing team - it is aimed to be a world class event.  
Polina Nazarova, Head of Business Development & Marketing in Deloitte Baltics: "For us it is a new, but very interesting challenge. We know DECTA as a strong technological partner, and see great organizational capacity of the team. Alike DECTA we have known the event for a while. Igor Rodin, Managing Partner has been a speaker during the last conference and have had a positive impression of the event. Networking possibilities, practicality of the information presented by speakers and immaculate organization gave us a reason to become a co-organizer. We want to share the benefits of the event with clients and bring the event as such to a new level".
Prominent speakers, networking and growth opportunities, new business projects and much more - on 5th of March 2020, in Riga, Latvia. Buy your tickets now: