DECTA support dreams of young Girls in IT field
News Jul 7, 2021
In a world where cyber is the new FinTech it is very important to motivate and prepare our young generation to realise their ideas in a global digital environment - and that is exactly what Datorium, one of the leading European coding schools, does. 
On the 1st of July Datorium, together with Google and DECTA, awarded #PyGirls scholarships to 40 girls (age 14-19) from 19 Latvian cities. To get the scholarship the girls were asked several questions, including why they want to code, and what they would change if they could code. Surprisingly, young yet smart applicants showed their passion and social awareness by aiming to solve various modern issues:
"I would improve the website manavakcī, because it is very inconvenient" - Paula

"I want to create my own internet platform, where all users will have the opportunity to express their opinion without fear of anyone ever condemning it" - Karina

"If I could program anything, I would definitely set up a unified system in Latvia where everyone could sign up for a visit to any doctor on the Internet, not by phone" - Anna

"Because programming allows us to create something new through logic - it is a never-ending and dynamic activity that I find challenging and interesting" - Beate
Datorium’s lecturers are experts with business experience, who provide valuable insight into the wide applicability of programming and are involved in real projects.
The girls will take their first steps into the world of Python programming language already this week, DECTA wishes them the best of luck and hopes that they will enjoy this exciting cyber journey.