DECTA Smart updates
News Nov 4, 2020
We are happy to share the news!
DECTA Smart offers White-Label Card Issuing and processing services providing the companies with the full service starting from technical connection to Mastercard networks, payment technical processing, payment gateway, and ending with funds settlement between Mastercard and the Merchant. This increases efficiency and reduces costs since there is no need to invest in a standalone solution.
DECTA Smart provides both private and business cards. And as of November, we have great news! Now DECTA provides BIN sharing for commercial cards which means that there is no need to purchase separate BINs. Therefore, now it has become more profitable for anyone.
If you are looking for a card issuer for your company, choose DECTA who will provide the full service, take care of all the processes, and now have the possibility to provide both private and business cards with no additional fees.