Decta Gateway: Basic Functionality
News Oct 18, 2019
While detailed description of Decta Gateway capabilities is open for inspection at any given time at we believe it is valuable and interesting to know how does it look like inside even before getting into details. Today we will cover basic functionality for Decta Gateway, which is available for any registered user even before integration.


Even without integration Decta Gateway is practical for medium-small online business. Say you have an online store specialized in flower delivery. You receive a request by phone to deliver a bouquet. After logging on to Decta Gateway, you go to Invoice tab and select or name a new product, according to the client's order. Within the gateway all of your products can be customized - have an assigned picture, type and price. Now you choose a customer, to whom you plan to send an invoice and you are ready to generate the invoice. The invoice will be automatically sent to email and/or as a text message to the client's phone according to the client's information. As upon authorization of the buyer, their card details may be stored at the gateway side, allowing your clients to pay in one click for future invoices. 

Payment status of the invoice can further be tracked in the Timeline section of the Decta Gateway. It is the place where all of your transactions are listed. This section will be particularly interesting for your Accountant, whom you can authorize to download a report about the transactions for any time period of choice (to do that - go to Team Accounts section). Formats of the reports can be changed upon the necessity. Moreover, the regularity of the payments as well as notifications to the ordering client can be preliminary set. Automated invoice mailout will save your time, and large transaction volume processing time will not hold your business from expansion. 

All of the above-mentioned sections are available to all of our clients independent on their status, right after registration. Our 24/7 expert support are open to answer their questions at any time of the day.