DECTA Gate release 1.8: e-commerce module update
News Jun 19, 2020
Overview of key June 2020 changes in the functional in-house developed gateway.
On 18th of June, were published Release notes about new features and advancements of powerful DECTA Gate. DECTA Gate - us an own-developed gateway used by merchants, online-stores, payment facilitators and technical service providers. This time, the released version included the following new e-commerce module versions for use with DECTA Gate:
  • New version for PrestaShop module implemented, adopted for PrestaShop v 1.7.
  • New version for OpenCart module implemented, adopted for OpenCart v
  • New version for Magento module implemented, adopted for Magento v 2.
The official up-to-date module list is now available on the DECTA Gate Swagger page on the following link.
Additionally, the release included PSP recurring information displaying updates. Instead of the Card saved by field, which stored information on the side, initiated the saving of the card to make Recurring transactions in the future, the two new fields were presented:
  • Card stored on, with corresponding options: Merchant side and DECTA side;
  • Initiated by, with corresponding options: Merchant and Cardholder.
To know more about the functionality of payment solution for online businesses and PSP, please proceed with Technology section.