Decta connects to MasterCom Payment Dispute Management System - First in Europe
News Mar 22, 2019
Decta Limited is delighted and proud to announce being first, and currently sole, European payment processing company with a direct access to MasterCom API. The dispute management system enables company to apply and track the status of claim, without external assistance.
Chargeback are common, if not the least favorite business challenges in e-commerce. All parties involved experience confusion, lack of information and guidance. Issuer banks are restricted from having full data on the transaction, cardholders are frustrated with procedure of the claim, but merchants are the ones affected the most. Even after the purchase, they are not generally protected from fraudulent actions of buyers. And defending the earned is not only time and effort consuming, it is also a cause for losses, making up percents from turnover.
This challenge might not completely disappear, though speed, administration fluency and transparency of the process can be significantly improved. 
From now on Decta have a unique access to Dispute management system MasterCom API, which has massive positive affect on Dispute resolution flow. The new functionality allows Decta to process each of the Dispute cases in a much shorter time frame, thus speeding up the Dispute resolution process. Already today real-time alerts will inform you and your team on occurrence of new claims, and in few months time it would be possible to respond to Disputes, by accepting them or by initiating a representment with supporting documents without leaving the gateway in just a few clicks. Status updates will guide you through the process of the resolution, so no dispute deadlines would be missed.
Follow our journey and let Decta empower your business in challenging environment.
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