Decta brings its technology to millions of customers
News Jun 21, 2017
Decta Limited, a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for payment processing, acquiring and card issuing and one of the most advanced processing centres, have successfully implemented its powerful payment processing solution for, one of the biggest providers of online communication and entertainment services with worldwide community of over 150 million people. is the provider of different online and mobile applications and comprises myMail, MAPS.ME and award-winning free-to-play games including Revelation Online and Skyforge.  Striving to make life better and more enjoyable, provide their customers with convenient ways for sending e-mail letters, advertising, navigating, relaxing and having a good gaming time.
For, Decta offer a full acquiring solution to manage a complex payment card acceptance infrastructure. This enables multi-channel payments and ensuring the maximum customer convenience. The solution offers high levels of security and provides a customization smart fraud management system that increases the chance of detection of fraudulent transactions. Along with the lowest fraud rates, this solution provides high throughput transactional processing through individual client-defined parameters, minimizing blocking genuine transactions and avoiding merchant`s losses. Another functionality, which enables an improved customer experience is one-click payments, allowing customers to make online purchases with a single click after a previous successful transaction.
Decta`s individual approach to each customer and personal account manager help to ensure that services are as effective as possible. Decta offers flexible payout services enabling settlements between companies each day and avoiding payment delays.
At, we are striving to meet the exceptional high expectations of our customers for both our online products and services. We highly value the collaboration with Decta - their professional support and the high level of service enables us to serve our customers better,”- says Vadim Rumyantsev, CEO at 
We are happy to deliver the right solution to and support their everyday needs. Decta`s all-in-one platform provides maximum protection and great flexibility for online businesses and we are delighted to deliver this solution to helping them to solve every business challenge they face,”-  says Mark Andreev, CEO at Decta.
Decta Limited, fully licensed e-money institution, authorised by the FCA UK to provide financial services, is one of the most advanced processing centers and a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for payment processing, acquiring and card issuing for customers including banks, Payment Services Providers, and online merchants worldwide. 
ABOUT MY.COM is a global online services platform which focuses on North America and Europe with offices in Amsterdam (NL) and San Jose (US). comprises myMail, MAPS.ME, myTarget, and online and mobile games. publishes award winning online gaming experiences including Armored Warfare, Skyforge and Revelation Online. Its mobile communications and entertainment services and apps facilitate its multimillion user base in pursuing their business goals - and let them relax and have a good time gaming in-between.
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