DECTA at Cards & Mobile and Secure Identification 2017
News Jun 1, 2017
Decta has accomplished its successful presentation of the company’s latest payment technologies and bespoke solutions at Cards & Mobile 2017 and Secure Identification 2017, in Riga.
For both events, Vladimirs Pankratovs - Head of Sales (Processing) at Decta shared its expertise and presented two topics - “Cost-saving as a Service. Third Party Processor” and “Service-based society.”, which considered the challenges and experiences associated with service-based technologies. He detailed the mechanisms by which third-party services enable cost reduction and enhancement in operational efficiency.
We are getting used to receiving  results by clicking  icons, rather than by writing the code itself - this is the way we, as third party processor,  invites you to go,” – said Vladimirs Pankratovs.
Three days of conference were filled with intense discussion and meetings with business partners. Our sincere thanks to the organisers, business partners, and companies who have expressed an interest in our payment processing services.