Combining different industries to create innovative solutions - Travel Union
News Nov 10, 2020
DECTA ensures the full service for Travel Union card issuing under DECTA Smart program
Combining different industries to create innovative solutions? Yes, it is possible. Travel Union has a unique solution from a combination of IT, banking, payment and travel industry. The company’s mission is to unite people going on holiday and travel companies through a unique and most flexible loyalty system called #TIME. It is already providing free digital banking services such as money transfer, ATM withdrawals up to 200EUR and currency exchange in its convenient mobile banking app - myTU. In addition, parents are welcome to open fully manageable accounts and order debit cards for their children from the age of 7. By using the app and paying with a card, users gain #TIME loyalty points that can be converted into cash. In the nearest future, myTU app users will also enjoy money savings from Travel Union’s tourist industry partners in the form of discounts and last-minute deals offerings. Great deal for families with kids and travelers! 
DECTA ensures the full service for Travel Union card issuing under DECTA Smart program, starting from technical solutions with Mastercard payment network and integration of our card management system into the Travel Union platform and ending with card personalization and delivery to cardholders within the EU. Moreover, DECTA provides 3D Secure authentication, fraud and dispute management and push notification services. Additionally, DECTA offers the function to easily top-up its card, using another payment card. Travel Union is the first co-brand that has implemented host-to-host integration for financial authorization switching and balance management on the Travel Union side that allows them to manage and apply the advantages of its loyalty scheme.
Raman Korneu, CEO of Travel Union: “We are delighted to have DECTA as a partner who helps us to reach our goals. The payments industry is challenging; however, DECTA’s team has shown skillfulness and a truly high-class approach. The quality of our service is important and, thanks to DECTA’s team, we are able to provide it”.
Santa Kiršbauma, Vice-President, Head of Product Development in DECTA: “We are happy to work with a company that thinks outside of box solutions. Travel Union product is innovative, and it is a great experience to work with advanced clients and reach the best solution”.