Case study of TeslaPay: payment cards of tomorrow
News Apr 27, 2020
DECTA is proud to announce the launch of the next card project. This time our client is a payment system from Lithuania - TeslaPay.

Hence the name, the company sees itself more as a community of innovators, rather than a company providing banking services. With their main focus on the future of payments. Dynamics of life have changed substantially over the last years so no wonder the solutions have to adjust, and the ones which we use today will not be relevant tomorrow. TeslaPay aims to revolutionize the industry and set a century-ahead goal. To do that - they have set four core values which indeed give certainty in the thoroughness of the way they structure the business - Responsibility, Respect, Innovation, and Commitment. Using the strong base of the listed values together with high professionalism of the team, TeslaPay offers its clients to open private and corporate bank accounts, manage them and pay with the card.

The project with DECTA had started the second half of 2019, and by spring 2020 TeslaPay has already registered its first cardholder. TeslaPay cards are now traveling to the first selected number of users, and soon will be available for all TeslaPay customers on the day of registration.

DECTA White-Label card issuing allows TeslaPay platform to be integrated through unified API to access the full capabilities of DECTA payment card issuing system and manage the program automatically. Decta’s task is to deliver a real turnkey issuing solution, starting from Mastercard BIN range assignment, program-manager and co-brand registration, card product business configuration, settlement service, transaction processing, 3D Secure, fraud and dispute management, ending with blanc plastic card ordering, card personalization, automated packaging and delivery to the cardholder within European Union.

Nikolaj Mosejev, CEO at TeslaPay: "The way towards the payment cards was no easy, and due to a large variety of factors involved, the process has not been as smooth as one would imagine from the beginning. Though we are very happy with results achieved, high professionalism and responsiveness of the team and personalized approach made this path worthwhile.”
Nikita Melnikovs, Head of Sales at DECTA: "We are proud of the cooperation with TeslaPay. Extra-high professionalism in payments is rarely a distinctive feature of all the team, though in case of TeslaPay, they indeed represent the values they stand for and it is a gift to have such clients."

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