Bid & Buy Japanese: case of Yaharu
News Nov 13, 2019
Yaharu (株式会社八春ーYaharu - web-store enabling English-speaking part of the world to participate in Japanese Yahoo auctions.


Yaharu (株式会社八春ーYaharu - web-store enabling English-speaking part of the world to participate in Japanese Yahoo auctions. Japan market is seen as considerably closed. Due to distance, language as well as mentality specifics, delivery of Japanese goods is often associated with high costs, long anticipation period and confusion in communication due to the language barrier. Yaharu have solved this problem by providing convenient service. The company facilitates customers from Europe, Australia and the Americas in their crave for reasonably priced Japanese goods in a short time.
10 years of experience gave the company time to organize efficient warehouse and logistics system. Variety of listed products is counted in tens of thousands - vinyl records, antique ceramics, automobiles, headsets and massage machines and many more.
At the moment of first encounter Yaharu needed to accept Visa and Mastercard cards, so they chose Decta. And had a number of reasons for that. Due to time zone differences and as service quality indicator Yaharu required their clients to be served any time of the day, without breaks and delays. So Decta provided 24/7 support for European clients ordering goods from Japan. Security and flexibility in settlements avoiding payment delays where another focus on their interest, as good customer reviews were critical for their business. Decta acquiring solution allowed to reduce fraudulent transactions, improving efficiency of the sales process.
Dmitry Kornyushin, Member of the Board, Yaharu: “As a company involved in product delivery in a massive scale, we were always keen on efficiency improvement and safety. Gladly, our long-term partner Decta shares our values.
Decta’s secure Fraud and risk management system compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 Standard protects our business and maximizes a number of successful transactions.”
Julija Bashkirova, Vice President, Head of Customer Service, Decta: "Even though the key region for Acquiring is Europe, our clients working outside of the region are highly outnumbered. Some of them, as Yaharu, have started international, others - have grown up to it. Either way, we see it as a proof - Decta is a great platform for growing international business, and we are proud to have Yaharu among our clients."