Are forex and gambling the same? Admirals
News Oct 13, 2020
As most of the acquiring clients, Admirals (Admiral Markets) benefits from the functional own-developed DECTA Gateway and DECTA in-house card processing
Are forex and gambling the same? Quora claims yes: following the definition of the latter, it is "the act of wagering money on an uncertainty outcome". Forex traders in turn usually disagree with the statement. Balancing between terms "art" and "science", they stress the importance of long and short-term strategies, technical and global analyses, as well as usage of multiple instruments at once.
Admirals (Admiral Markets)  also believe that another difference is: gambling is not repeatable, any new game or movement you have to start new. If you do your "homework", analyze the markets, thinking about both ways, doing a Long or a Short trade and limit the potential risks, by using a simple Stop Loss, for example, you can repeat your good trading style. Still, at any financial markets, there are risks, profits and losses are always connected, but you can do much more as only gambling!
Admirals, a leading online trading platform with 19 years of trading experience does not hide the statistics: 79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. But, what is the quote at the classic, standard stock markets? Many market participants, retail clients and big institutions - also here people losing money from their investments. Start with a bit of education, try to understand the markets, and you will limit your loss ratio dramatically!
Either chance or experience, statistically only 1 in 5 users of the platform manage to keep or grow their investments. Traders have an opportunity to choose between Forex and CFDs on indices, metals, energies, stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies. A large variety of options attracts both experienced and new users.
For Admirals DECTA provides the acquiring solution. As most of the acquiring clients, Admiral Markets benefits from the functional own-developed DECTA Gateway and DECTA in-house card processing. Both features allow a fast reaction to the needs of the client and instant solving of appearing challenges. Multi-currency processing and settlement in EUR, RUB, NOK, SEK, USD, GBP, PLN, JPY, CZK fits Admiral Markets due to the broad regional variety of its clients. Whereas 3D Secure technology reduces charge-backs and gives customers confidence in online payments.
Jens Chrzanowski, Member of the Management Board at Admirals, "At Admiral Markets, we are very accurate when it comes to the choice of partners. We are happy that DECTA has become the acquirer of our choice, as their diligence, high level of service and security of the product helps us to meet our business goals and service clients all around the globe."
Julija Baskirova, Vice President, Acquiring, Head of Customer Relations at DECTA, "Reputation and credibility are important in all business areas - in forex and trading these are core values. The strong brand, size and history of this client speaks of itself. We appreciate Admiral Markets as our client and warn traders to access the risks carefully before engaging in trading."