Case study
DECTA White-Label card issuing allows TeslaPay platform to be integrated through unified API to access the full capabilities of DECTA payment card issuing system and manage the program automatically. DECTA’s task is to deliver a real turnkey issuing solution, starting from Mastercard BIN range assignment, program-manager and co-brand registration, card product business configuration, settlement service, transaction processing, 3D-Secure, fraud and dispute management, ending with blanc plastic card ordering, card personalization, automated packaging and delivery to the cardholder within European Union.

Client profile

TeslaPay is an electronic money institution focused on providing payment cards and IBAN accounts.  TeslaPay offers personal accounts with IBAN, business accounts with IBAN, prepaid cards to individuals, companies. Incorporated in Lithuania,  TeslaPay is authorized and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.


To implement a unique solution, which would have a digital bank functionality with physical cards in circulation:

  • Solution to accept Mastercard cards
  • Provide full technical support and service under DECTA licence
  • Maximize the effectiveness of business and boost client involvement
  • Security to minimize fraudulent transactions


  • White-label card issuing solution including the following functionality:
  • Fraud and dispute management
  • 3D security
  • Multi-currency
  • Adoptability of the gateway (API)


DECTA White-Label card issuing allows TeslaPay platform to access the full capabilities of DECTA payment card issuing system. DECTA delivered a real turnkey issuing solution:

  • The solution allowed focus on business development, application building and communication with card users
  • The solution provides smart anti-fraud management while improving the conversion rate and minimizing chargebacks
  • The solution (10,000 cards) were delivered in half a year
Please read the full article about the case.
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