Case study
For Finangel DECTA offered a combination of white-label cards and full acquiring solution. It has enabled the company to operate as neobank, focusing on client acquisition and communication of their client. #WhiteLabelCards #FinTech

Client profile


Finangel is a growing bank, which since November 8, 2018 (in half a year period) has become a functioning bank, with 100 000 cards delivered. 




To implement a unique solution, which would have a digital bank functionality with physical cards in circulation:
  • Solution to accept Visa and Mastercard cards
  • Provide full technical support and service under Decta license
  • Maximize the effectiveness of business and boost client involvement
  • Security to minimize fraudulent transactions
  • Implement a scalable solution
  • Solution to be delivered under tight schedule



White-label and online acquiring solution including the following functionality:
  • Fraud and risk management
  • Recurring payments
  • 3D security
  • Dynamic Descriptor
  • One-click payments
  • Original Credit Transaction (OCT) and Money Send



  • The solution has become a technical core of digital bank enabling company to issue own-designed physical cards, accept and send Visa and Mastercard card payments  
  • The solution allowed focusing on business development, application building, and communication with card users.
  • The solution provides smart anti-fraud management while improving the conversion rate and minimizing chargebacks
  • DECTA offered solution allowed unlimited company growth within the EEA.
  • The solution was delivered in a very short time - from the moment of signing the contract (November 8, 2018) to issuing the first card in Finangel design (December 17, 2018) have passed less than 2 months.