DECTA provides acquiring services, which allow it to receive smooth Visa and Mastercard payments in different currencies.
DECTA helped to launch Novatti's Visa issuing business, and provide flexible and secure new products to Novatti's clients
Prepaid Solutions
For Prepaid Solutions DECTA offered its Technical Processing. DECTA helped Prepaid Solutions to deliver benefit cards, used as lunch vouchers in an IT-corporation. #TechnicalProcessing
DECTA's acquiring solution has helped the company in the exponential growth of its customers, delivering high service level and exceptional security. #OnlineAcquiring
For Finangel DECTA offered a combination of white-label cards and full acquiring solution. It has enabled the company to operate as neobank, focusing on client acquisition and communication of their client. #WhiteLabelCards #FinTech
Arsia Group
Arsia Group was offered an efficient acquiring solution to accept Visa and Mastercard cards, which allowed multi-currency processing for ticket providers. #OnlineAcquiring #Travel
Tickets Travel Network
DECTA`s solution for online acquiring brought added benefits for Tickets Travel Network customers when they make purchases on website, delivering the significant flexibility for travel service. #OnlineAcquiring #Travel
Zenhotels and Ostrovok
DECTA provides online travel booking platforms Zenhotels and Ostrovok with its powerful and highly scalable solution for payment processing allowing end-users to make fast and convenient online payments when booking apartments or hotels. #OnlineAcquiring #Travel
For DECTA offered a full acquiring solution to provide secure online payment acceptance together with great flexibility in services enabling to improve the effectiveness of business #OnlineAcquiring #Gaming
DECTA provides Cauri with an efficient acquiring solution enabling Cauri to access its customers to a broad range of different functionalities and to accept Visa and Mastercard cards in the internet #OnlineAcquiring #IPSP
DECTA provided BERlogic with a secure payment platform for online acquiring of Mastercard and Visa cards enabling customers to book travel services online
DECTA White-Label card issuing allows TeslaPay platform to be integrated through unified API to access the full capabilities of DECTA payment card issuing system and manage the program automatically. DECTA’s task is to deliver a real turnkey issuing solution, starting from Mastercard BIN range assignment, program-manager and co-brand registration, card product business configuration, settlement service, transaction processing, 3D-Secure, fraud and dispute management, ending with blanc plastic card ordering, card personalization, automated packaging and delivery to the cardholder within European Union.
DECTA provided Yaharu with a smooth and secure payment transaction system, which is accompanied by 24/7 client support
Travel Union
DECTA ensures the full service for Travel Union card issuing under DECTA Smart program
Admirals (Admiral Markets)
As most of the acquiring clients, Admiral Markets benefits from the functional own-developed DECTA Gateway and DECTA in-house card processing
The Specialist Journeys Group
We all love to travel and we all have different interests – and so, indulging your interests when you travel can be the perfect combination of pleasures.
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