Fraud and Risk Management

To protect your business from online payment fraud and avoid unexpected expenses, opt for DECTA’s Fraud and Risk Management services. The flexible architecture allows you to deploy a reliable and effective fraud prevention tool while maximizing the number of successful transactions.

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Increase your revenue with DECTA

With an embedded rules engine, you will be able to set up different parameters for anti-fraud safety measures and combat fraud without compromising your revenue streams. Our effective Fraud and Risk Management platform can significantly improve your business and increase profits by accepting more transactions and reaching higher conversion rates of genuine payment transactions.

Make a balance between conversion and security

The Fraud and Risk Management system is designed to prevent fraudulent transactions and provide exceptional security for all cardholders. However, sometimes very strictest system settings can also block genuine transactions, and bring significant losses for online merchants.

Decta’s services are based on a fully customised and flexible approach to ensure the balance between conversion rates, security and fraud protection. Business-specific fraud rules are usually established.

Block suspicious transactions and reduce fraud

Optimized fraud and risk management services is the key to fight cybercrime with greater accuracy and automation. Manage your business and customers in line with a risk-based approach, install reliable analytic systems and machine learning engine.

Decta`s platform is based on cutting-edge technologies that allows you to effectively monitor and detect suspicious transactions, as well as prevent and manage fraud-related activities.

Perfectly suited for different types of businesses

Customised rules are designed to support individual business needs and adapt the approach according to the merchant’s risk level. Our platform helps a variety of merchants sell and promote their products and services in a more secure environment. Our services serve the needs of different industries, including Retail, Airline, Airline and Travel, Gaming and Digital.

We have a team of high experienced professionals and we offer a 24/7 support.

Key benefits

Protect all accounts and all payments within a single platform
Ensure automated fraud prevention at a global scale
Provide effective monitoring tool for authorization
Enable real-time fraud blocking
Take advantage of a flexible rule engine to define specific rules
Compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 Standard

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